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Comics week, and a short but sweet one

Action Comics #1046

I could keep repeating what I said about that arc before, its just too good.
I know we are coming to the apex of the arc, this has been so great, and I love all the nuance of this run.
In comics we are used to it I know, but after all the live action and movie, game etc Superman depictions…whenever a comic shows Clarks truly good heart and love, it always hits strong.
Why outside of comics so often people think this Superman is boring, is beyond me.
I want the straight up good guy so much.

Detective Comics #1063

God damn you Chip, I knew I could put my trust in you.
For Two issues in a bit Convoluted, but I trust that this will all spread out nicely in future issues easily.
Because the writing is crisp, pacing is well, the art is great…and man im glad to see Harvey getting some part in this.
We are in for a ride if this continues on this level.

Harley Quinn #21

Read what I wrote about that arc so far, it still rings true.
Its one of those things that don’t move the needle at all, but stay consistent in its quality.
It’s a nice read, you don’t regret the money you put in.
Okay the Luke thing Is not my favorite thing ever and I do miss the quirky art, but still...i enjoy the arc and enjoyed the issue.

Robin #17

One of THE best books so far in Infinite Frontier is ending…kind of a sad but also happy.
A so desperatly needed book for Damian.
It was a nice way to end it, but it had to end and that is very sad.
Now that its over, I really don’t have that many words surprisingly, considering how high this ranks in my list and all.
But I guess knowing for a while that it was ending and all, gave me time to make peace with that fact so im sitting here and enjoying what we got.
Im happy how this turned out, as sad as I am to see it end…it exists and I can read it over and over again in the future.
Definitly a 10/10 in my books, a easy recommendation for everyone who wants to read about Damian.

And with that, the week of comics is over yet again.
Batman and Superman delivered, Harley is good as usual, Robin ended on a nice note…I cant really complain about the week.
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Comics week after last weeks was more a break for me.
For the most part the Annuals came out and im not really into them.

The Flash one was neat don’t get me wrong, but nothing to talk about.
The Superman Warworld final…it really good, but felt a bit too fast to me.
Its weird to have to buy this one issue for the final of the arc, feels disjointed to me.
Still, a great final to a great arc.

Anyway, here we are with a new “full” comic book week…and hold your butts people, it is one awesome week

Batman #127

You wouldn’t believe the inhuman scream I let out in this issue…god damn you Zdarsky you magnificent bastard you.
I knew when he pulled out Zurr-En-Arrh, things would be good…but holy Batman, this was more than good.
And then he used him in such a great way.
In this very issue, he breaks the whole “Bruce is just the mask” “The Batfamily are his soldiers” and this idea that the less he feels, the more effective he is.
All problems I have with the character, and Zdarsky thinks so too.
He tears away on those dated ideas of Batman and shows me the Batman I want to see.
Minor gripe is that he didn’t include the girls in this, they are part of his family too…but that’s really just minor.
He throws out so much good stuff in this one issue…it was insane.
How he has Bruce shout full of anger that Tim isn’t his soldier, that he is his son...a Page that had me cheer like a lunatic.
How Bruce was for a moment grateful that he could die thinking about his family that includes Dick, Jason, Tim, Alfred, The whole “but batman doesn’t die”, then the final shot one of the coolest Superman shots ever...god, i still get goosebumps just thinking about this issue.
Zdarsky will break me if he continues like that.
Few issues and its already an all time run for me.

This run could be so magical if he keeps delivering like this.

Batman: Dear Detective #1

Lee Bermejo…56 pages of Lee Bermejo art…what more do I need to say?
I can never get enough of this mans Art, the way he draws batman and gotham.
Its magic.

Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths #4

A good issue but I don’t feel the scale of it to be honest.
It really doesn’t do anything too big for my liking and nothing really unique or spectacular new.
It’s a big story, called crisis…but nothing more, im not feeling it as much as I maybe should.

The New Champion of Shazam! #2

That one is great, im loving issue 2 even more than issue 1.
I wasn’t sure if I was feeling this mary focused book, but I do.
It has a good vibe, the writing is well paced and feels good.
The Art is wonderful…im really happy with this so far.

Nubia: Queen of the Amazons #4

Everything with Nubia keeps getting overlooked…and Boy so does Yara.
What was she hyped up, now she is a side character in a Nubia book.
The character deserved better…but not to say Nubia is bad, far from it.
A really crisp writing and lively art makes Nubia a underrated, fun ride.

Poison Ivy #4

Why you do this DC? Honestly? Did some people spit in all your coffee while screaming “That’s for not going through with Harley/ivy” and you decided to punish everyone for it?
Why you keep doing this?
No plotline will ever be needed that justifies you breaking them up after only getting them together for what? 2 issues?
It doesn’t make it better, doesnt work…it’s a cheap move to keep baiting fans who didn’t deserve the disrespect.

Anyway, enough ranting about that…but I see you DC, dishonor to your cow.
Everything else in this is totally good.
The Art…especially the art.
But also the plot, the writing, the flow…fantastic.
Only if DC wouldn’t be Dirtbags towards Harley/Ivy.

So yeah, this week was incredible…alone for the Batman issue that did what I want people evolve Batman into.
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Comics week

Batgirls #10

I really don’t want to miss out on this series, it is such a comfortable read.
The art is lively, the writing is good…its just a lovely book.
And every issue so far has done a good job with the characters and how well they fit together.
Its another fine example why the Batfamily when used right, is the greatest.
They all are so good on their own, but together, they are just on another level.

Batman vs Robin #1

Interesting start of this.
Im never a fan of the family fighting so im very unsure about this, but there is room to do good stuff that brings Damian and Bruce closer together.
Especially with a possible Alfred return.
But on that, I want to be careful…im used to DC baiting fans on many things.
So I don’t want to hope yet that we really have Alfred back.
I wouldn’t care for the how or who did it…if this is really Alfred alive, I take it.
Don’t care how badly written or so, bring back Alfred permanently in the main continuity…that’s all I want.
Anyway, the start has potential and im definitely curious about this book.

Batman Urban Legends #19

Its Urban Legends, good and bad on that.
I often question this buy because I expect all stories to hit high, but not every story does it.
So you kind of only get half of the books worth imo, which is kind of weird for me.
But you just have always at least 1-2 arcs in there that are super nice, in this case for example the Alfred one that I find so neat.
It leaves you often in a weird state where its part a good issue and part bad.
I think that I probably have to change my mindset on the approach to this a bit…I don’t know.
This issue was overall however, solid.
All the stories had something I found enjoyable…its just that this isn’t the case for every issue.

Jurassic League #5

I don’t even know if you can proper judge this book on how you normally would comics.
Its just such a wild and crazy ride, so out of box thought with its setting.
The writing isn’t really trying to do much, it is really just “What if these characters were dinosaurs” and it embraces this so hard.
I can see kids having a incredible time with this one, I as an adult have that for sure.

Superman: Son of Kal-El #15

Weird paced Issue imo.
But outside of the pacing, you have your usual decent writing paired up with nice art.
It has its usual problems to me, the lack of moving Jon as character forward.
Its all more gimmick than character, not enough deeper look at Jon as person.
And he is a character that needs this desperately, even more now when Clark returns.
Because so far imo there wasn’t enough done to elevate Jon to stand beside Clark…which would be fine if he would still be the child instead of the teen.
It lacks the growth I was expecting/Hoping for when the book started.
I mean I get taking the mantle of Superman from his father and all, and that’s not a bad idea…he doesn’t “need” to create a different supehero persona.
He can one day be Superman when his father retires or so.
But you can still make more with Jon, you can give him more character…and I feel like this is where the book lacks more often than not.

Wonder Woman #791

So, is this now a new run or what? Im asking because quite often when that happens, the first character they throw in is Cheetah.
Not that I have a problem with that, it just feels like every new beginning in a WW book starts off with her.
But lets see, hopefully this arc breaths new life into the run because damn is WW currently out of breath.
I barely remember anything about the last 20 or what issues…and that is absolutely not good, Diana deserves better.

Not a bad week.
WW and Superman worry me a bit, don’t get me wrong they are good…but they leave a lot of potential on the floor for me.
Batman Vs Robin is one eye look at suspicious…don’t trust that one at the moment with what they did.
We will need to see.
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