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Linoshi Croft
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I am playing the PS4 version.
  • Sound cutting out or not transitioning appopriately.
  • Camera will randomly turn without any player input.
  • At times the game will not allow me to pull out and use my weapons.
  • Objective beacon do not work.
  • Random FPS drops.

Originally Posted by Princess_Paige View Post
* “Wait for streaming” messages pop up regularly in larger areas
I got this yesterday, I assumed it's a loading screen but the term streaming made me question it.
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Platform. PC, Dell laptop with 8750H and GTX 1060
Region. France
SKU (what edition). Croft
Internet connection speed. 100 Mbps
DxDiag: https://pastebin.com/2CUjTNg0

Problems so far:
- One hard crash, total computer freeze, had to use the power button. Listed as an Nvidia driver crash in the event viewer
- Regular frame drops to 10 fps. The CPU downclocks for 2-5 seconds to 0.9 GHz before clocking up again. Both CPU and GPU hover respectively at 80 C and 74 C, way below throttling point. Other games don't have this issue.
- Another crash, I managed to tab back to the desktop before it blue screened: blue screen this time: DPC Watchdog violation.

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Relic Hunter
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Playing the Croft Edition on PS4, in Canada (Montreal )

I'm not very far into the game, but I've noticed my flashlight isn't always turning on when it should, I'll get in really dark areas where naturally the flashlight should turn on but it doesn't and it's just really dark. At first I thought it was maybe just not supposed to go on, but when I died it sometimes fixed the issue and all of a sudden my light was on.

Not sure if it's possible, but I think a fix to this would be if we could manually turn the flashlight on.
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PC Version - Croft Edition.
Geforce 1080ti

- Photo Mode: In some places the image is distorted when turning photo mode on, so it's impossible to take a photo (not in cutscene).
- Some Xbox 360 controller buttons sometimes simply don't work, like pressing Start for Benchmarking, have to hit the keyboard to do it. Using A and B in underwater sections also fails to work always: have to angle the camera and swin up or down to reach the surface. Sometimes on tutorial/informations screens when we are supposed to hit A to continue, it doesn't work.
- Dialogues on most cutscenes are out of sync.
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I'm Playing the PS4 version - Croft Edition
  • Objective beacon does not work
  • Waiting for Streaming' message appears while playing
  • Lara's Clothes do not react to water or mud
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I'm playing on pc and a few things i noticed is that

1: laras flashlight follows the players view and NOT laras body. so she can turn 180 degrees without the light even moving an inch

2: pure hair even when turned on normal turns to low at specific portions of the game (not in the options just clearly visually). the first time i noticed it is right after the first swimming with piranhas section, after coming out and following the jungle the hair quality dropped on its own. changing it back and fourth doesnt help. only photo mode changes it back to higher quality but it also goes away again when you leave photo mode.

i think this comes from the console versions and wasnt changed for pc? i would like that to change since im playing on pc on a reason and dont want character models to go low poly in bigger areas. i really hope this gets a change

dunno where else to post it. from a technical side the game is great for now. i didnt have any problems like frame drops or stuff like that yet.
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Grizzly Bear
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Just a minor bug but after sharpening the knife the camera was too zoomed on Lara, I just had to reload my checkpoint (luckily it was not too far back because I play on Deadly Obsession)

Regular PS4
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Not sure if this is a bug or not?

Stuck on a puzzle on Hard difficulty - so lowered it to Normal. Lara will not speak.
I tried to kill her and when respawned - nothing.
Is this normal?!
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Platform. PS4 Pro
Region. London, UK
SKU. Croft Edition
Internet connection speed. 8-10 Mbps (Wifi)

Diologue audio is out of sync with facial animations for many of the cunscenes so far, the opening ones was quite terrible actually. There are occasions where the audio and lip sync are perfect though, so it seems to be a wired inconsistent bug. Audio in general seems a bit low but I'm not sure if that's a technical issue or just a personal preference. The flashlight might be more of a personal thing for me too but some areas seem to dark still without it, the flashlight does come on automatically in some areas but it would be helpful if it came on in all darker areas. A toggle for this like some have suggested would be a brilliant solution, maybe if it worked like how the torch worked in TR13 later in the game......hold circle to toggle it on or off

I'm still very early in the game but those are the issues I've noticed so far, some probably not real technical issues or bugs though. I'm still bloody loving the game regardless
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Ppl saying the beacon doesn't appear, have you checked the on/off option below the actual difficulty options? There's one for SI, and one for something else. Have you tried turning those on?

Originally Posted by Lara_C View Post
Audio in general seems a bit low
Have you tried the audio options? There are multiple options that could affect this. For example, there's an "headphones" option (which is the one I'm using since I play with them)

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