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Aren't GOG classic games come pre-patched for modern systems without the need to install any patches after installing the games?
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TR1 and 2 I use the PC versions..
For TR3 onwards I tend to use PSX emulation

Only reason is for the increased colour / better lighting and the psx effects (reverb sounds and footsteps in sand etc)
The PC versions look very washed out in comparison.

Either that or just boost the contrast on your PC monitor I guess - but this would also make dark rooms VERY dark
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Originally Posted by thabani33 View Post
Aren't GOG classic games come pre-patched for modern systems without the need to install any patches after installing the games?
Not really, they do use some patches but nothing that different from the community developed ones, since some of those were pulled into the GOG/Steam releases afaik. And TR1 still has to be run through DosBox or TombATI.

To think about it, it's beyond ridiculous that a company as big as Eidos/Square didn't fix this mess... we know for fact now that they have access to all source codes from TR1-3 and they should have been able to contract someone to port TR1 to Windows properly. And when RealtechVR offered that to them, they said no. Twats.
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I use Glidos with my original TR1 disc and it works just fine on Windows 10 Home Premium x64 Bit. For TR2-TRC, I just got them on Steam for faster convenience though the originals work fine as well if you include the Multi Patch in the mix.
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Hey all. I got Tomb Ati installed with a texture pack, Rerendered soundtrack, remastered FMVs, and everything. (Awesome community’s to have all
This!!) my last hurdle is controller support. Is it possible to use a DualShock 4 (or even a 3) to play? My setup is a little convoluted with my PC linked to an Nvidia Shield. I added Tomb ATI to Steam and I stream Steam using the Moonlight app. The game streams but I don’t have controller support or audio playing through my TV ugh. I’m so close so any help is appreciated !

Edit: Used JoyToKey and it seems to all work.

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Is there a general thread for TR1?
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