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Yes because it's made for only changing the playable characters. You could however replace the character models at general by placing a <character name>.CHR file into the data\char folder IIRC (only in v52 patch). You could get the characters present in a certain level using the gmxtool for example. They are extracted under a Character folder using their hashed names, from the .GMX.CLZ files in data\maps.
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I don't know what's wrong with my computer but any tool I downloaded and tried to extract certain things from AoD, I received an error message telling me a .dll file was missing. :-/

Edit: Well, I got it running and I know I have to do some sort of cmd thingies, I'm going to do some research on that.

Edit: Managed to extract the .gmx files, but now the required tool to explore it is unavailable (TRAODOLE):


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i think this will suit you
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Having the same problem.. I had the CHR files YEARS ago when the forums had them... now all the mod links are dead and sites are down

Dunno how I can get this to work..
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Hello. Generally I don't bring old threads up but here we are.

I extracted characters model with the unCLZ program and the gmxtool (Carvier, Janice and other characters). However, if I replace the character models with Lara, the game crashes. No matter what I do. I tried everything.

I place the character file in the char folder, and then name it in LARAD, LARA, LARAS etc. but the game always crashes. Does anyone know how to fix this?
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