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Question Some TR5 Gameplay Mechanics Questions

I know these questions have been asked hundreds of times, but I wanted to ask them again due to the updates and changes made to the level editor engines lately. I'm using the current Tomb Raider Next Generation Engine.

First, the most important question to ask:

How to knock out enemies using the crowbar? I played a fan level that succeeded in doing that and I wanted to know the secret behind it.

I also wanted to know, how to make an enemy that can snipe out Lara? Like in the VCI level where through the enemy's lens you see him shooting Lara. Here's the picture of the room where it happens, if you don't understand.

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Getting Lara to attack and enemy with a crowbar is quite complicated in the TR4 engine.
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besides making a cutscene I don't think it's possible
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Forced animation when Lara stands directly behind the enemy?
Say... have the enemy stand there (or an animating object which looks like an enemy) and then press action, forces an animation or mini cutscene where Lara knocks them out with a crowbar..

This will be difficult to setup and I don't really know too much about it to help sadly
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Maybe we could somehow alter the TR4 digging cutscene, with new animations and stuff? The one Lara does in front of the Sphinx? A TRLE newbie speaking here.... ^.^
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