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Default Top Levels of them all

This thread is about which levels and level sets are the best and the top ones that are highly recomended to download. Any levels can be recomended, but are free to critisism too
Also, you can try to classify your choices with two options:

Category A: What are the BEST levels/ level sets out there?

Category B: What are the BEST out there for casual players who don't like too much of a challenge?

So this is the compiled list of levels so far. Feel free to ask if I missed anything.
The ones in red are highly recomended.

-Himalayan Mysteries
-Serpent Gemstone
-TRA Retold PT.1
-Egypt and Beyond
-Beyond the Scion
-Croft Manor tutorial
-Lara at the Movies
-Neon God
-Time Odyssey
-The Chamber
-Cape Fear
-Templar Archives
-The Sanctuary of Water Fire and Ice
-Ghosts of Croft Manor
-Italian Exploration
-Aegean Legends
-Skribblerz Stonez
-A Witch Shall Be Born
-I am Legend
-Simply Purple
-Revelations 4: The Hand of Rathmore
-Jade Empire
-Uncle Silas

Feel free to critisize any levels you think shouldn't be on the list. Our goal is to find the BEST OF THE BEST. So I'm open to anything.

ALSO: Additionally we will be holding a small vote off to decide which levels are the best. Feel free to voice your opinions.

The first round is over. Here are the results:
All of the entries in blue won with 4 or more votes.

-The Ring
-Sanctuary of Water, Ice, and Fire
-Beyond the Scion
-Himalayan Mysteries
-Ghosts of Croft Manor
-TRA Retold PT.1-Neon God
-Jade Empire
-Revelations (Series)
-A Witch Shall be Born
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Category A: Himalayan Mysteries & Ghosts of Croft Manor
Category B: Impossible
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A:Serpent Gemstone, Himalayan Mysteries & TRA Retold PT.1
B:Not Easy to find
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I like all of the levels by Oxy. You will probably need a walkthrough but they aren't especially hard.
I also loved Time Odyssey by Trix. It ran a bit slow on my old PC, but it was at least playable. Very complicated, you will definitely need the walkthrough.

Alot of the older levels are not real hard. Go to trle.net, the search page, and sort by reverse date order. This brings up the older levels. They also tend to be much smaller, but you need TRLE installed.
I still love Catacomb Towers, even if it is old.
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Category A: Himalayan Mysteries, Egypt and Beyond, TRAR Retold Part 1, Beyond the Scion

Category B: Into the Mystery

Into the Mystery was made by myself, and is real simple.
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Himalayan mysteries is a great game made by our lovin Titak, the greatest Level Editor of all time. Amazing story, amazing outfits, amazing gameplay. It screams that you play it
I also like Egypt and Beyond. It's fun, all I can say
I also suggest Croft Manor tutorial by George Maciver, it's really fun tutorial level. Not too hard and not too easy
Spectrum: I never finished this level, but I know it's great and stranger1992 put much effort to finish it. I like the gameplay, quite interesting
Another good level is Ghosts of Croft Manor. Another level I didn't finish. Can't find time anymore

This is just my fave list, I also suggest Harimba and Code Zero
You can search youtube and find a video you like
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Originally Posted by Chain Raider View Post
A:Serpent Gemstone, Himalayan Mysteries & TRA Retold PT.1
B:Not Easy to find
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A: Himalayan Mysteries, Beyond the scion, TRAR parts 1 and 2, Lara at the movies
B: nocturnal monsters
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A: Neon God, Himalayan Mysteries
B: Jade Empire, Although it can be difficult at some parts!
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A: Pretty much any "A" above.
B: The Watery Grave. short and sweet. And, it looks good
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