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They have the rights of Tomb Raider for a short period of time and if they don't make a movie they lose them.

But unfortunately, making a movie is a bit slow. I still remember when Graham King was visiting Australia or Hawaii looking for locations and we didn't have a director yet!

Roar was announced in November ... maybe at the end of the year we have news of the director (if we are lucky). On the other hand, it could happen as with TR2018 and they announce new scriptwriters (we had announcements of 3 screenwriters during the time: Marti Noxon, Evan and later Geneva ) so we must be patient. The script phase is very uncertain.
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Tomb Raider (2018) went through so many writers, there was even a screenplay copyrighted to Steven Knight after Evan came on board but his involvement was never announced in the press. I hope they nail the screenplay sooner this time.


We didn't get any forward movement until Evan came on and Square Enix put a progress to production clause into their option rights.

I wonder who Elizabeth Cantillon is producing from, I assume it's going to be in house with Cantillon acompany bt she's also a producer for Sony mainly under their Columbia banner. Wouldn't it be funny to have Nathan Drake and Lara Croft under the same roof. Let's not give them any ideas to share that universe.
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One of my gripes with the TR2018 film was simply how it took the safe route to storytelling and action. Fun movie, but it served its purpose as summer action-flick fluff.

I hope for the sequel (particularly since Amy Jump coming on board) that they are willing to take more mature risks with the storytelling .
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