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can anybody tell me how to get out from the car at KV5 when lara's arrive at the gate??i'm stuck..
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Press the jump button (usually ALT) and Right or Left arrow button. If Lara still won't get out - move the vehicle to flatter ground.
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Thanks for the help...i will try..
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Car, what car. I don't remember Lara driving a car.
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tlr online
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I think Greg means the jeep/buggy.
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Ages old topic, but this is still the first hit on ggl, so I though I 'd add this.

When you reconfigure your default buttons, onto to something else, that is ALSO a default for another function, some wacky things may happen. For example, for me:
Jump Walk
Default Alt Shift
My setting Shift X

has caused:
- I can't immedately follow up a jump with another jump, only if I come to a complete standstill, and release all buttons. I can't keep jumping fowards, can't keep jumping backwards, can't do left<->right jumps to stay away from enemies, and so on and so forth. One jump, that's it, after that, Lara walks.
- I CAN NOT get out of the car
- when jumping, half the time Lara decides to go into a head dive
(and some other funky stuff every now and then)

I'm running on Win7 64, Steam version. I've configured Jump back to the default Alt, which freed up Shift, and now it's working correctly.
If you configure custom settings, a lot of the default keys still stay active, and they're probably still conflicting, that's why there's the wonky behaviour, and that may be why the OP (and I) couldn't get out ot the car. If you experience strange things, modify your config until you find one, that works.
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