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Even with well applied zones the baddies can't cross portals sometimes
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Originally Posted by Dustie View Post
Looks like yet another reason to count on TR2/3 support in TombEditor.
Yep, that's what i was thinking yesterday!

And i have realized something else that excited me: what if using TombEditor reduces texture count??
What i mean is that, if i am correct, TRLE doesn't count rotated textures, but Dxtre3D does... Everytime you rotate one of them, it counts as another. But if it doesn't happen in TE, then the count would go down quite a lot!
Dxtre even counts "hidden" textures ( partially shown ), it's so stupid.

Originally Posted by thewolf View Post
Even with well applied zones the baddies can't cross portals sometimes
Yeah, because you can't apply zones to a portal sector in Rview as Topixtor said. So it's not a big loss to me.
But expect some enemies to get stuck randomly on my next levels. If you played the first level i made you will see right at the beginning that the crow there does strange maneuvers.
Working on Tomb Raider II: The Ancient Jade Mask
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