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Originally Posted by Lord Lulu View Post
Currently playing Skyrim Special Edition. Took some time getting most of my mods from old Skyrim back up. Sadly some are not available. But I did get a new anime armor mod. So now I can fight evil by moonlight and win love by day light.

Is it possible to use the fly mod and animated wings mod with a ported model?
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Lord Lulu
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Originally Posted by JayB_1988 View Post
Is it possible to use the fly mod and animated wings mod with a ported model?
Sorry I've never used those mods.
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Little Nightmares: Secrets of the Maw DLC
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Fallout 1

It's good. It's level-based, isometric and point-and-click so you don't have to jog your way through a giant openworld like 3-NV-4, every single stat matters , you can play around with skills and turn based mode and you can get an idea of the layout of the entire level by just moving the camera...

I'm going for an Intelligence 1 run so that I can get things done without having to deal with NPCs (most people straight up refuse to talk to me). Let's see how it goes.
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Shadow of the Tomb Raider (yet again) as the next-gen patch for PS5 dropped recently. I hope Rise gets the same treatment at some point.
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Final Fantasy XIV

First day in Eorzea after 4 months of not playing. The 14 days free login campaign is quite something!

I completed a "new" dungeon (it was added a couple of months ago). And I turned my Marauder into a Warrior (currently lvl 37, and the last Tank I have to level up). I pre-ordered the Endwalker expansion, so I'm wearing the Earring that grants 30% more EXP all the way up to lvl 80.
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Until Dawn

Been a while since I've played this and falling in love again. Still hate Ashley though
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