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Default Same old question

Sorry to hear that you've lost your job.

Has fan fiction influenced any of the plots or characterisations of the Crystal Dynamics TR games, and if so, which fan fiction and how?

(Had to ask )
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Originally Posted by Angelus View Post
2. Eidos probably wanted to try and cash in on the Christmas period. And it failed.
Yeah, and I think that's why they are laying off people out of the wha-zoo!
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Oh god... i never actually thought Eric would get snuffed... i mean... crikers!!

sorry to hear this!

i would like to know how legends storyline was before toby truffled in.


how the plot and scenarios changed in underworld throughout development
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Seeing as how the OP created his account over 3 years ago and Justin can supposedly vouche for him I don't see why we shouldn't hear him out.

Although it may seem irrelevant to others I personally want to know how you felt about being dismissed from Crystal Dynamics after all these years? I know it must have been a huge shock but were there any particular thoughts that ran through your head when you found out?

Did you decide to post solely on the fact that people were misinterpreting the DLC info or was there an underlying mean to your visit with us today?

And are you allowed to name any of the individuals who have/have not been let go by Eidos? I recalled hearing that Toby Gard was in charge of cinematics this time around, what has become of him?

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Id like to believe you are who you say you are, but waiting to hear from Justin will be the first we know I guess (Short of you providing your birth certificate and drivers license )

Im not sure you could answer this, but did Crystal ever work with or employ anyone from Core that worked on the old tomb raiders? Or was there any discussion with them on the series and Lara herself?

And secondly, does Crystal pay any attention to the LE world? (Considering we rip off all their textures *whilstle*)
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So essentially content was REMOVED from the game that would add gameplay value. There, we heard from the source ! Stupid eidos scheduling.
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So honest question, what had you in mind for the next adventure now that the trilogy is resolved and lara reason for raiding tombs is done, or you can't say that without violationg anything ? I mean your idea not what they are planning/doing now.

1- Regarding TRU what would you have done diferent if you had the time to develop the game properly instead of the one year release?
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Originally Posted by Camera Obscura View Post
I recalled hearing that Toby Gard was in charge of cinematics this time around, what has become of him?

I'm interested to know his fate, too.
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1. To what degree did the style and feel of Angel Of Darkness influence the plot and themes of Underworld?

2. Early on, we were told the plot would revolve around the Mayan calander. This was demoted to just a puzzle element in the final game. What gives?
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Eric Lindstrom, I'm so deeply sorry for your loss. I'm at the same time, shocked, as you're one of the major people in the CD team (). I hope you can find another job soon.

I just want you to know that we appreciate your effort in the past 3 TR games. It's a real shame that Eidos fired you.

I'm curious WHY did they fire you and the 29 other employees? Was there a reasonable story behind it? I highly doubt it, to be honest.
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Hey Eric, just a little thing.. If you answer any questions could you add them to the OP? So we don't have to traipse through 100+ pages when this thread explodes tomorrow morning..

Thanks, anyhoo.
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