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Default Tomb Raider Anniversary Fly Mod 2019

Dear members of the Tomb Raider Forum,

I've been looking for the Tomb Raider Anniversary fly mod on Google, I got some results but the links were all dead. Does somebody have an active download link for a fly mod for Tomb Raider Anniversary?

Thank you in advance!
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It's your lucky day! 5 months later!

Looking for this myself today and found it

TRAFLY - http://www.laraweb.de/tr8/00.htm Page is in German but, All tool titles are in english.
The site author states in German that each file has an easy password..no hint at all. But it ended up being laraweb

TRASCU- Is available in the downloads section of TRA on croftgeneration.com

Hope those in the future looking for it come across this!
Australian, Japanese speaking TR addict.

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