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Please Chi, as Alister pointed out only the King Arthur myths date to the 11th century, the real King Arthur came five centuries before.

I'd say we have England's next top model for 1500 years in amber.
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I remember I played Tomb Raider Legend on PC many years ago (this was back when I ran Windows so it must have been somewhere before 2011) and on my machine the egg-like thing that King Arthur is standing in wasn't transparent at all. It was completely opaque. There is a shot in one of the cutscenes when you just got the bell ringing where the egg starts shaking and shatters, and the camera zooms in on it shaking, and all I got out of it was a very close look at a shaking yellow texture. King Arthur only became visible once the egg had shattered.
And before you ask, yes, I did try fiddling with the graphical settings but if I remember correctly got absolutely nowhere.

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^ I remember having graphic problems with Legend too back in the noughties. In Peru where Lara was rolling the orbs around, some of the textures in the environment occasionally turned either purple or green, not sure which as I can't remember exactly, and the shapes of flat surfaces becames irregular and spikey. I think it was because I've been playing Legend long enough for my graphic card to get a little too hot.


I've unpacked all the bigfiles located in the Legend folder to replicate the solution back in post #8. I used photo.net to make King Arthur's 'Next Gen' texture transparent, and also repeated this step for two other related textures, just in case. This is located in bigfile016 where you find p_grave_arthur_face.drm file. The textures extracted from the drm file:
  • 1_bd6.pcd
  • 9_bd8.pcd
  • 10_bd7.pcd

I then repackaged all the bigfiles and launched the game and the Arthur problem was solved. But this is no small fix, as Gh0stBlade explains:

Because when packing the data back everything "offsets" after that file due to filesize differences etc. So you must copy all bigfiles I believe not just the one.
It's hard to say replacing 7.01GB worth of files is a solution to a small problem
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I'm working to try and apply this same logic to a bunch of other textures in the game to fix similar oddities.

I've been able to get Nishimura's shades to look way better by simply removing the part in the texture file that fill in the lenses black.

Side effect it looks like he's wearing glasses now but at least it looks way better than it did before

https://imgur.com/a/yMpZI3g - images for comparison

I'd love to work out how to fix Rutland's profile image from being missing in the 'returning home' cutscene with NG OFF. I have the right texture files for the scene but no dice so far...

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