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Originally Posted by LaraDuh View Post
Add - Xbox One - Eliyaaasss14
OMG no you got a xbox one? I'm disgusted.
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ADD - Xbox -mcarr6 - Max Gojira
ADD - PSN - mcarr6 - mcarr666
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Evan C.
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Evan is a Croft (Xbox One live)
"Fortitudine Vincimus"
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NightManInRed XBOX One.
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Presuming there's gonna be a multiplayer in the new TR (I have no idea, still avoiding all contact with the game in any way shape or form til release day), I'll be diving in this time. Xbox One ID : Wilsden Hill
If anyone is up for some campaign co-op in Black Ops 3 feel free to get in touch
Please don't be a timed switch. PLEASE don't be a...oh FFS!!!
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El Bastardo
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xRedVictoryx Xbox One
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Add PSN- jfjeep26 jfjeep26
Add XBL- jfjeep26 Loftystudent9
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Hey y'all! I know the lot of you don't remember me but I changed my gamer tag to NickStove. For some reason, I couldn't remember my account information because the email I used for SuppaStove was broken so I had to make a new Xbox Live account.

So yeah, add me! 😊
Tough titty said the kitty when the milk went dry.
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Add - Xbox One - TRF - InjuringTitan

Got the Xbox One yesterday and been saving money for that thing.
I have nobody as friends . I don't even knows how it works haha

I'm a sad person
Don't judge me. I was born to be true, not perfect!

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Lara Fan 4Life
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Wow, haven't been on here in forever. Finally got an Xbox One for ROTTR. Finished it today. Incredible game, as expected. Said I'd return to the forum for more TR fans to have in my friends list.

My new Xbox Live gamertag is THE TOMB RAlDER (raider spelt as ralder with an "L" if you didn't notice it ). Add me away. I was previously Dynamic ToxicJD.
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