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Default Thames Wharf, Out of Bounds area and Shortcut

I've been playing Tr3 lately and since it's my only second playthrough, it is semi-blind. I played TR3 for first time about 4-5 years ago so I don't remember every detail.

I started Thames Wharf today and while exploring, I've found a new shorcut. I knew about the crane shortcut but this one takes place far from the crane. It also allowed me to explore the belltower without triggering the cutscene.

Sorry if this is a widely known thing, but I saw this for the first time and wanted to share with you. I looked at youtube but I found other shortcuts that goes throgh crane, I couldn't find this exact one so I recorded it.
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this shortcut is known by speedrunners
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Yeah, it's well known. In fact, it is the current route taken by speedrunners during any% glitched runs, as the crane shortcut jump isn't exactly consistent or RTA friendly during full game runs.

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This has been known almost for decades (I have found thread Thames Wharf Hidden Area which was posted on May 6, 2001 and depicts this shortcut) It is even possible to get to this slope really fast, you can make a jump directly from when you start the level to the platform near the corner on the left (Lara is above it at 1:07 on your video).
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