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Originally Posted by Ruu11 View Post

no link
maybe you shouldn't do that.
@jonathanrij will post the next video when gets time.
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Originally Posted by Helegad View Post
I stand corrected then
You probably didn't understood what I meant or it was just me writing the post in a wrong way
What I meant was that the animation is literally the same in both TR2 and TR3 HSC, her legs has an odd movement because the cutscene doesn't let you see them, you would see them going threw the floor without flyby cameras
If you don't believe that, well... there are 2 options, one is to compare Gh0st and my video together, second would be looking yourself at both the files
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Yeah it does look a bit like she's supposed to be getting up from bed or something, instead of getting up from the floor, but the camera in the TR2 cutscene does indeed crop that part out
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Originally Posted by New Dwight View Post
maybe you shouldn't do that.
@jonathanrij will post the next video when gets time.
It's fine. The main purpose of this thread is to serve as an open archive of documentation related to this particular beta, but I guess I should have made my OP more inclusive. I definitely encourage the community to share their findings and/or thoughts to promote conversation and to ensure accuracy.

Originally Posted by Johnnay View Post
I can’t wait for you to record Thames Wharf ( my favorite level)
I intend to record Thames Wharf this weekend, followed by All Hallows. I hope you won't be disappointed by them, though. Thames Wharf has relatively minor differences (from what I've seen so far) and All Hallows ends too early. :/

Also, the Nevada Desert video is coming tonight.


Check the description for a list of differences.

The level was a bit of pain to finish, due to the electricity staying on and Lara being unable to open the doors (because the lever isn't directly above a straight surface). Therefore, I got rid of the electricity manually and moved the lever to an appropriate spot. I could have also ended the level without the quadbike, but there's no fun in that.

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Also with Nevada Desert you don’t get to see the planes swooping by compared to the final version

Also I can’t believe there is some brightness in the beta compared to the final where the game is dark
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