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I didnt think I would be moving back to the bay area, but now that I did, I can actually go to this now. I'm looking into buying some tickets for the reception now
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Ok so Iíve read the the most recent update, does anyone How do we contact nathan if we havenít recieved out t shifts yet? I canít find an email address and you canít respond to the update email I get
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On the TR Suite website https://www.tombraidersuite.com/


Hope this helps
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Still waiting on my deluxe tin CD but I'm really happy that Nathan is keeping us updated as much as he possibly can. I have total sympathy with the entire team who are working as hard as they can to get our goodies to us. Designing sounds easy until you actually do it.
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I'm glad Nathan informed backers of the issues he's having, however as someone who purchased the item directly through the site I have recieved absolutley no update. If I hadn't come into this thread and saw what had been said I'd be none the wiser. The matter isn't helped by the fact that when I contacted the project directly whoever I spoke to seemingly gave me a string of dates pulled out of thin air, which of course were never going to be met. I completley appreciate it's a humungous task for a small team, but I do feel like a bit of thought and better communication to all customers and not just backers would go a long way.

Plus, if they are having so much issue with just getting the items out to backers why on earth do they still have them on sale on the store? Surley, it'd be a better idea to soley focus on getting the backers their items and then putting the items up for sale to the general public.
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Originally Posted by Brendanlovesu1 View Post
It does thankyou!
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