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On a side note, i'm curious if Rise could receive the same treatment in the near future, the Enhanced Graphics mode & 60 FPS
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Originally Posted by xspacedude View Post
Hey guy! Itís been a while since I posted here lol I miss the DLC rollout months ugh! Good but dark times (Iím talking about you dlc8) Anyway, this update was such good news, I thought they would never bother with it, Iím happy even though I donít own a PS5/XBOXSX (and wonít for a looong time). I found this video where they tested the upgrade on all new gen consoles and compared it with the PS4 pro too.

Unfortunately, all these type of videos only tested the first hours of the game. I wish I could see how the frames hold in Paititi where the PS4 and XONE struggles most and the loading time while playing DLCs.
Loading screens are still fairly long on the PS5 (especially if compared to the series x) but I would take 25ish seconds over the PS4ís 1:30min with no complaints lol


So, have anyone completed the game after the update? With the DLCs and stuff? Any complaints? I would love to hear your experience on any of the consoles!
On my series X there are NO frame drops at all if I play on the high framerate mode. If I play on the high resolution mode it can drop but it is still high enough to not bother me and I am very sensitive to drops.

All the reboot TR games on series X can run at LOCKED 60 fps.
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Originally Posted by Vaskito View Post
This doesn't make sense, considering the game can run at any FPS on PC
I'm saying that certain effects, like flames burning, were with 30fps in mind. There's definitely "less frames" produced than the "rest" when playing in 60fps. That and other things. I guess that's more on the designer part though.

Originally Posted by Wooxman View Post
They're games, not movies. You don't watch them, you control them. Higher frame rates provide much better reaction times and less input lag. Plus animations look much better at higher frame rates.
Besides the fact we certainly have to watch the games we play, interactive games can absolutely be like the movies. Animations look "much better at higher frame rate" is still subjective. I very much enjoy my games at stable 30fps with frame pacing (Marvel's Spider-Man and FFVII Remake are good examples).

Originally Posted by Wooxman View Post
60 FPS has been a thing since the dawn of video games. NES games already ran at 60 FPS and a huge part of the PS2's library runs at 60. It wasn't until the Xbox 360 and PS3 that developers started prioritizing resolution over frame rate. 30 FPS is a compromise, not a purposefully made decision to make games look "more cinematic". If developers really wanted to make games look "more cinematic", then they would lock them at 24 FPS, which is the frame rate that films run at. But whenever possible, frame rates are pushed to 60 FPS or even higher because it makes games look and play better.
Fully aware of the actual frame rate for films, which is why 30fps is as close as it gets. Intentional or not, it still delivers that quality for some people who find it pleasing. There was a good few, including myself, who were unhappy that Uncharted Nathan Drake Collection was 60fps by default, with an option of a 30fps lock. Sometimes too much isn't a good thing. Though not completely, the game starts to feel like a cheap CGI morning cartoon in certain segments, losing some edge of realism. The same can be said for Shadow, especially when Lara tried running away from the incoming flash flood and gets washed away. Looked too "slippery", lack of a better word. One can even argue this was almost in the same vein as when Peter Jackson decided to showcase his Hobbit Trilogy in 48fps ... it took away the illusion.

Originally Posted by Portugalraider View Post
Still, and while I am 100% down on the stable 60 FPS, since one of the reasons Joshorty prefers 30 FPS is due to having motion sickness. On PC you can cap the frame rate as you want, maybe a similar option for accessibility reasons could be something to think about on the future (especially if the next game is able to run at 60 FPS as well)
Originally Posted by Wooxman View Post
Wanting options for different frame rates to avoid motion sickness is still different from making claims that 30 FPS would generally be superior to 60 or that the "advent of 60 FPS" would only have happened fairly recently. 60 FPS isn't a "trend" thing like "dark and gritty" looking games, it's supposed to be a standard.

But thinking of this: It would make sense if it was possible to cap the frame rate in the system options of the console. On PC I can globally cap the frame rate at whatever number I want and it'll be the same in every game, so that shouldn't be so hard to do on consoles. Maybe telling Sony and MS about these things could help.
No matter how the industry puts it, it's still something subjective that caught on, leaving now those who favor 30 in the "unpopular minority". But at the end of the day, 60fps not only, in my eyes, makes it "worse" but it's too much for me to handle. As Portugalraider said it, it's also for accessibility reasons. I can barely last Minecraft for one hour these days because of 60fps. I personally don't think there's anything wrong with 30fps. I've enjoyed PS1 games with lower frame rates back in the day so a stable 30 is something I can definitely be satisfied with.

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I finally hooked up my PS5, I really didn’t know this thing was that huge. I am playing Shadow on it with the patch. I must say it looks good.

I don’t know maybe it’s just me, or it seems the patch messed up Lara’s hair? It barely moves and it looks like it does in the high framerate mode
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