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Yeah, totally agree with this post. Man this game was bloody difficult at places. Still was a very very great game as it covered egypt in various ways a TR game should. I didn't have internet back when i played it in 2006 maybe and this game took me a good 1 year to complete lol. This game was also backtracking on steroids lol. Some of the most annoying bits you usually experience and where i suffered were:

- you could set some ropes on fire lol

- That you can turn a whole round lever that looks like a well.

- Playing around with the bull to make it open doors for me. Creeped the **** outta me.

- The museum of Alexandria along with the hook combining for the key. I was insanely stuck there.

- Opening your very first hatches, trapdoor and double doors in the core games specially the ones from lost library.

- Setting the wooden floor on fire in lost library.

- Basically the whole Cairo section trying to do A to get to B to find C in order to uncover D to ultimately defeat the creature and cross the gates. This took me ages.

- Dodging the dead knights hitting me with their swords so that they'd clear my path or doorway.

- Water flasks 5 litres 3 litres 1 litres puzzles made me bang my head.

- Shooting seth for infinite hours before knowing that you've got to climb your ass out of the room.

- Crazy ass under the sphinx rooms. Hate that part.
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Default good point

I usually only play the first three levels ..........
I feel bored at some levels
The difficulty of the game made it forgotten
its really needed a remake
English not my native language too*

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Reasons I love it:
- it's weird
- it's big
- mirrors
- the poison effect

Reason I hate it:
- too much sand
- it looks very samey
- the warriors with the stupid anti-bullet swords
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I often get the urge to try and conquer TR4 and overlook everything that turned me off about it back then, but I think the concept is more attractive than the reality would be.

Ironically, as much as I love classic TR, I was never built for it. I have no patience and (before I had the internet) it didn't take long after getting stuck for me to get angry and give up or level skip. But playing TR level by level with a walkthrough feels like you're robbing yourself of what's meant to make it worth playing. If you're gonna do that why bother playing it at all? Just watch a LP.
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I'm currently replaying it in full for the first time in over a decade, and I've made it to the Chambers of Tulun level.

The game gets a little more frustrating at this point when arriving in Cairo. Despite the length & tedious backtracking in some levels, I honestly feel TR4 provides the most grandiose experience out all of the classic games. And it's the best looking classic game too.
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