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Since reboot Lara's main thing is to take herself less serious now that everything with Trinity is over, I think a dark humor tone would be a good idea. I don't think she's going to immediately be wise cracking and funny out of the blue since this Lara is a little more socially awkward. Maybe make her attitude more sardonic and cynical because of her past trauma. This would feel more natural in her character evolution. I can see her making a funny but really insensitive comment after seeing someone brutally killed or even after taking down one of her enemies.
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Originally Posted by Moon-Safari View Post
There's so much humor in that. Is it a coincidence that they're both pushy blondes business women, or does she just not like blonds lol.
Lara hates blondes.
They could really do more in terms of humor
I really liked some of the stuff they had in Legend, and AOD

It's not a party until something gets broken, It needed a woman's touch. It's highly inconvenient having abominations running amok. Was he delivering passports for you too? (That one was super insensitive)
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The urban vs. tomb debate is always interesting to me. I can understand both sides of the debate. But sometimes you need a break from monotony. TRLR was wonderful in so many ways, but I admit there were points when raiding tombs got tiresome.

What about the instances when a location starts off as urban and gradually descends into really deep tombs? I can think of one such case with the three Antarctica levels in TR3. That was a great way to tell the story of the place.

I've seen some LE creators employ that strategy successfully as well. But I strain to think of other good examples in the main games, maybe AOD in the aftermath of the Louvre. Maybe we need more of this.
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