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Default The Last Revelation Modding


Sorry for creating this new threard but I didn't find any other where I could start this subject.

Does anyone have those modded Last Revelation levels that allowed us to play with the AoD outfit? (Camo shorts). I'm not refering to Level Editor or anything like that. I remember they were Last Revelation files available to download but I'm not finding them anywhere.

Maybe the creator's page does not exist anymore, or they removed the files from the web.

Thank you
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So - I think I know about the AOD Camo shorts you're speaking of - it's on a website that isn't allowed to be linked here - but i have no doubt it's exact one you're talking about.

There was never a Last Revelation full version made - a reason for that I mentioned at the very bottom of my post re sporadical glitches. Anyway as you can see under the mod description- it's only made for the Playable Tutorial Level in the TRLE. I've just downloaded it and it's comes as a .tr4 level file.

Download Fexmerger, from AspideTR.com. This is the tool mods use to move objects between TR level files.

In the "Open Target" area, you'll want to open a TR4 level that you want to test this outfit in. There's a risk it wont work at all as the TRLE can handle higher quality outfits.
I'd go for Settomb.tr4, that's Level 3 and it's the first in Last Revelation where Lara is Adult Lara. Make a backup of this first as you'll be overwriting it soon with the new outfit.

In the "Open Source", you'll want to open that tut1.tr4 file from the AODCamo Mods download. This contains the outfit.

Left side is source objects (tut1.tr4), Right side is Target objects (settomb.tr4)

What you have to do is tick all the checkboxes on the left hand side relating to Lara's new AOD outfit. NEVER tick LARA, the very first entry in every level file this contains animations and it is essential you do NOT change that entry whatsoever. Just don't tick it. You'll have a bad time haha

The things you do want to tick are

etc etc
etc etc
etc etc
all the way down to

These are all her main body parts. Now with those checkboxes ticked, scroll down some more..you'll eventually see more items now called


check all of these also - whatever has been "AODified" in the tut1.tr4 source file.

again remember to NEVER copy the lone LARA object at the very top. The level will not load at all

Once you've checked everything - click the big MERGE button. All your ticked items will overwrite onto the same slot names in the right hand target side. Click on some of the entries on the right hand window and you'll see they're now the AOD lara mod.

All done! Save As.. that settomb.tr4 in your data folder. Open the Last Revelation, Load a savegame from the END of Race for the Iris, then allow the next level to load naturally and see your change.If you loaded a Savegame from Tomb of Set (settomb), your game will crash because the savegame was made while the original outfit was present - your edit makes that null.

You would then repeat this entire process for essentially every level file from TR4.

The level wont load at all likely means the AOD outfit is too higher quality for TR4's tomb4.exe, unlike it isn't for TRLE's tomb4.exe. It could also force some levels to exceed texture limits.

Modding any TR level in any way has it's downfalls - famous for making level glitches in unique ways even with the most minor of changes. To be honest - doing this to every level in the last revelation - will most likely actually make it unplayable from beginning to end you'll come across a trigger that's essential to progress in a level but, it's just not there anymore. There's not really a guide to 'what can be avoided glitchwise' when modding because, the glitches are sporadical when using tools made back in 2000.

As much as we've love to truly mod the old games with new outfits, I think we may need to wait a little longer. The TRLE community is booming again with software devs who are making classic TR compatible tools in the level editor - that's really exciting.
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