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Lud's Gate is a weak level in comparison to others, but it's not that bad as some claim.

The boiler room shenanigan was terrible, the UV's controls were terrible too, all those enemies under the water with so little ammo for the harpoon gun... ugh, but that's about it. The underwater maze is confusing at first, but I find it interesting. I think this level is better at replay than the 1st time you play it.

Although I wish we saw more of the actual museum as in TRAOD's Louvre, the Sphynx room felt so big for what it actually was.

I beat it the other day without using the UV bc I cannot stand the controls. I didn't remember the passage where you can let Lara get some air is flooded once you finish in the Boiler Room, there's no possibility to breathe. So I had to waste a lot of medipacks on that lol, but I managed to survive and dodge the enemies. It was stressful and I think a bad decision to raise difficulty on an already consufing level, but ngl I felt very satisfied when I pulled it through
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Iíve actually never beat Luds Gate correctly On replays I would just use the flying UPV trick to get to the end. Itís impossible to see underwater on the PS1. Since 1999 I still have no clue how to beat it the intended way.
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Originally Posted by Kapu View Post
It's hands down the most needlessly difficult TR level in existence. I cannot express my hate for this level strongly enough. TR3 is the only TR game I haven't finished because I quit at this level and never came back.
I gave up on it too it was making me crazy.
I apologize in advance.
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Try it on a minimal damage run/pistols only/all secrets if you want really hard. The museum gunmen after getting the serum, now that was tough to get through undamaged.
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