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Default A song or sound that instantly teleports you back to your childhood?

For me it would be the save room of Resident Evil 4, the music instantly makes me flashback to being 9-10 years old. I remember my family used to own a lot of land back in those days and we had a big country manor sitting on top of a hill where you could look over everything. It was such a peaceful and quite area, which is why I guess I really like the village them in a sense because even some of the houses remind me of growing up in that place.

The very first image that comes to mind is sitting in our bedroom, me and moms and playing Resident Evil 4 on a cloudy day where the sky was like silver and looking out the big window made everything seem so fantasy like. This song will always go with me where I go and remind me of classic American culture and how I grew up with my family.

I really miss those days.

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For games, it would be the Xen soundtrack from Half Life Opposing Force. I got it from my cousin (The same one who'd give me my first TR a year later! ) and it absolutely blew my mind. It was not only the first game I was allowed to play with guns in it but it also had an awesome sci-fi feel that I had only ever seen in Star Wars. This is the song that plays as the main character enters a portal to a border world in space:

If we're talking about song songs, then i'd probably choose this sort of obscure a-ha song. My uncle collected a few 7" records when he was stationed in Berlin around the 80's and my one of my favorites was called "Hunting High And Low". On the B-side they had a demo from one of their lesser known songs on their debut album.

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Gonna be cheeky and cover both bases

Song song

Game song
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This has to be the theme of my childhood, i find it very calming yet with a hint of sorrow.
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There’re more but mostly this one. MTV was generous.
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This one

Also this song takes me back

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Definitely this.

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Not even a fan of dkc1 (dkc2 is much better imo) however this song is iconic.
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Always makes me feel like I'm 5 again
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