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Default What Game made you a “lifelong” fan?

Now this may sound strange, but you’re on this forum cause you REALLY like TR. Anyways, which game (it doesn’t have to be your first) made you go from a casual fan to a dedicated one?

For me, although I hate to say it now, it was Rise. I played both Anniversary and Underworld ages ago (although I dropped the series for about 8 years) and just happened to get the survivor trilogy during this year’s Steam summer sale.

At the time it was the most fun I’ve had in a game since I first played Half Life, the environments and immersion were amazing, it had great gunplay (I was heavy into FPS games this summer), I enjoyed the physics-based puzzles at the time, and my patriotic ass absolutely loved cutting down all those Soviet Flags.

Now that I’ve gone back and played nearly all the games my tastes have changed, but I honestly wouldn’t have discovered them if it weren’t for me enjoying Rise so much.
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Why would you hate to say it ? Don't pay attention to some idiots on this forums who love to make people feel bad about their preferences . As for Rise , even if it's occasionally trashed here it's the best out of the trilogy and a very loved game to the majority of gamers and critics . It's Crystal's highest scored game to date and the highest scored TR game since the original .

To answer the ques of the thread : it was TR4 , which also happened to be my first , I fell in love right away !
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Played Tomb Raider, and loved it.

Played Tomb Raider II and Tomb Raider III, hated them.

At the time of their release, I skipped Last Revelation, Chronicles, and Angel of Darkness.

Picked up Chronicles used, didn't even bother to finish the first level.

Heard great things about Legend when it was released, loved it, and have played everything since then.

Tomb Raider lit the fire, but Legend reignited it and kept it burning after everything else CORE released reduced it to embers.
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Played TR II first, loved it. Played AOD liked it at the time, and no idea about the controversy. TR fell out of radar for a couple of years, no idea they were creating TR legend. Around the release of Anniversary I got into the series again. So the honest answer is AOD, or TR II.

One of these days I am planning to buy the DLC's of Rise, and the Shadow.
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You might be all "surprised" but in my case it was TRAOD. Yes I have played TR4 demo in the past, but I was very young, didn't know the language and it was just very hard for me to get used to it so I passed. Then in 2006 I saw the Tomb Raider Legend trailer and I loved it. The game cost too much but TRAOD was very cheap so I bought that and loved every bit of it. I was too stupid to get past Renne's Pawnshop but everything else I loved. The story, the music, art direction. I didn't mind the controls, they were wonky but I didn't really know any other games back then (only TR, the Sims, Harry Potter and Jazz Jackrabbit 2 tbh). I think I bought Chronicles soon after but I didn't like it back then. It looked bad, controls were even more wonky (yes, that's what I thought!) and Rome section was boring. Eventually I grew to love it too though and that's pretty much how it all started.
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For me it was a mix of TRIII, TRL and, surprisingly, somewhat AoD.

TRIII was the first one I actually played, taking turns with my cousin, while before I just watched her and my prother play TRI.

A few years after that I bought my own copy of TRIII (alongside TLR, since it was a bundle), and fell in love a gain. Also played TRI and TLR, loved the first one, the second one was a bit too hard for me at the time, but I definitely kept playing them. Sadly I couldn't find copies for TRII and TRC, the only classics I played first after TR2013 released, when I finally bought them on steam.

Then comes a AoD copy for the PC a friend borrowed me. I knew the reputation the game had, so I never bought it. Honestly thought the reputation was well deserved, even if there is something enjoyable in it, but because of that AoD copy, I clicked on the hyperlink to the official Tomb Raider website and hold and behold, this was late 2005 and the site was filled with stuff about TRL, which would actually come out on my birthday.

So I got TRL on my birthday and absolutely loved the game. I loved it so much that I started looking for other things Tomb Raider related, and here I am now, still very much enjoying Tomb Raider in all its glory and incarnations.
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No one, I was born playing TR and have been playing since then.
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I guess the very first I played, never lost the franchise since. The name of this game is Legend.
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Originally Posted by Patrick star View Post
Why would you hate to say it ? Don't pay attention to some idiots on this forums who love to make people feel bad about their preferences .
I hate to say it cause to me, now looking back, it's just weird to think that out of all games it was the one that made me a fan.

Replaying Anniversary made me just realize that Crystal was capable of far better (especially when I reached parts like St. Francis Folly), and it just sort of makes Rise not so special whenever I try to go back to it.
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Tomb Raider, to start with. Been a fan since 2001, although I played the first game in 1997. Didn't become fully into it until I completed TR2 for the first time.

And Halo, which I've been a fan of since 2002.

Those are probably the top two franchises I can think of that I've been a fan of the longest.
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