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Tomb Raider Anniversary takes me back to the magic middle school years...I remember running straight to the computer after school to watch let's plays of classic Tomb Raider for the entire day...Too bad I hate it after playing TR1...
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Los Angeles
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Tomb Raider up until Underworld
GTA Vice City
Sims 2 & 3

I probably grew up but video games just don't excite me anymore. Ok, whenever there's a new Resident Evil I'll still play it and I enjoy it, but the latest TR games haven't been memorable at all. In the good old days, you could replay a TR game multiple times, now you just play it once and never touch it again.
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Ratchet & Clank (2002)

I got my first PS2 on my 9th birthday, which came with a demo disc (remember those?) that included a playable demo of this game.

Experiencing that transition from PS1 to PS2 for the first time was just remarkable.
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Best time was before games became a thing.
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Definitely Tomb Raider Legend. I remember coming home from elementary school and playing it on a laptop in the living room of my old house haha. I also remember Xiaolin Showdown playing on TV, so I would multi-task between replaying the Japan and Kazakhstan levels and watch some great cartoons lol. Trying to unlock all the outfits was also really fun. It was definitely that period in life where I didn't have to worry about having a lot of responsibilities. All things considered, I'm at a fairly good place in my life now, but that time especially makes me nostalgic.

An honorary pick would be Barbie Secret Agent lol. I believe it was the first ever game I played and I remember having a lot of fun with it! It truly was iconic. I also want to give props to the old Barbie MyScene website and the games they had on there; those were definitely a good time lol. Finally there was a site called Gamebrew (I don't think it exists anymore?) that I used to go on during class visits to the computer lab in elementary school, a friend at the time suggested it to me and there were a lot of fun games on there, ranging from Mario to ninja games. All great memories

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Tomb Raider
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Quake III Arena
I love Apple =]
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Half Life 1. I played Opposing Force a lot when I was a kid but I never bothered with itís base game (Half Life) until around Thanksgiving 2017. Played it for about a month but didnít get very far because my life was so good I felt the need to play video games less and less (not that thereís anything wrong with them) and it turned out to be the final game I played for a couple years.
Kept ya waiting, huh?
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Whenever I play Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast, I'm taken back to 1999 when I was completely oblivious to gaming, except for the experience that I used to have with friends and cousins, because I was the poor kid who used to go out more often than not, and Sonic on the Genesis (Mega Drive) was all that I knew. My parents got me the first console, which was also Sega's last on the market, and I did not understand what I was playing, nor why it appeared to be so entertaining, until I realized that it was a 3D game of a character that I knew.

Despite the fact that I became more popular among my friends, because I had the top console even when the PS2 came out in 2000 (and I didn't know what a Playstation was), I regret the sudden engadgement in what ended up becoming an addiction, but I'm more than cured now and healthier than my old friends, except that I'm not as innocent as I wish I had grown without gaming. Sonic Adventure reminds me of the best time of my life because it's the closest to a change for the worst.
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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 reminds me of when I turned 18, I miss those days. It definitely was the best time of my life...
I hope I can live long enough to witness the true second coming of Lara Croft
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Honestly the Final Fantasy VIII Remake.

It was the first video game I ever played as a kid (FFVII) and I played it because my sister owned it. I always wanted to do what my sister was doing. So I started playing it an instantly fell in love with gaming. At the time our TV's color was really messed up so we had to lean these speakers or something up against the bottom of the television for the colors to kind of look normal. I guess it had something to do with how the speakers reacted to the television IDK ha. But anyway, I just loved pretending to be the characters. I would read their dialogue verbally out loud and I think that really helped me with my voice and speech later in life. (Developing a more feminine voice) So yeah playing the Remake just took me back to a time where I felt like nothing was wrong, and I could just be a kid again and get swept up in this story and these characters that I came to love.
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