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Originally Posted by Boobandie View Post
The explosives were always intended to blow up that wall, that's why Werner ordered the storm drain map.

I see your point about the player potentially missing the gun for the purposes of cutscene continuity, however I think its placement on the shelf in the security office that you must search to get the code for Carvier's Office makes that pretty unlikely.

I think it's better for the flow of the game as well. Picking up only non-leathal weapons in Rennes encourages the player to use them in the Louvre section as they're new, and the rats in the storm drains help deplete Lara's pistol ammo from the ghetto section. Then by the time you get to the security office Lara has already incapacitated most of the guards, and the player has been 'trained' to take out the remaining ones with non-leathal force.

Getting the dual vectors then feels like a reward to use in the next section when Lara becomes a tomb raider again. Starting with shooting bats, she then gets a shotgun after the first part of an underground structure before starting a fetch quest for items to start a mechanism and access a tomb in a place you can see but can't reach, it almost echoes of Tomb Raider 1.
I'm planning on releasing multiple versions so people can play how they prefer. So far what I'm planning on releasing is:

-Replaced dart gun & ammo with dual Vectors and vector clips in the Pawnshop
-Replaced single Vector with dual Vectors in Louvre Galleries
-Replaced the Rigg 09 and it's ammo with Vectors and its clips in Von Croy's Apartment
-Added dual Vectors to the back of the Cleaner's truck
-Luddick gives you dual Scorpion X
-Changed single Scorpion X with dual ones in Strahov Fortress

EDIT: First version of the mod is out! Check out the the thread in AOD section for downloads

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