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Originally Posted by Stryke View Post
I edited it and have this but it didn't work for me.

GlobalTrigger= 1, FGT_SINGLE_SHOT, GT_CONDITION_GROUP, -1, 1,2,-1

TriggerGroup= 1,$9000,264,$000E, $9000,187,$000E, $9000,153,$000E, $9000,154,$000E

TriggerGroup= 2,$5000,127,$011A;>
Actually this should work. Are you sure that you save and build your script? Also are you sure that the path in settings lead to correct trle project folder?

Originally Posted by Stryke View Post
What exactly is the logic behind this setup?
You mean disabled GT? That's just to ensure that the GT doesn't activate TG when enemy is not active, but I think it shoudn't happen, I just remember that this was problem before in some circumstances (perhaps older version?)

Either way I have exactly this setup in my script and it works perfectly fine for me...
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OMG ITS WORKS! I'm not sure what I did before but I tried it again as soon as I saw your reply. It works perfectly. Thank you SrDanielPonces and OverRaider
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i think it's too much right

i wanted to add 900000 ammo :x

900000 * 2, 2 is the number of ammo you get par pickup + 2 since i was needed to add a shell before calling the 900000 = 1800002
the max you can have in inventory is int size (2147483647) (because lara structure is not decompiled and moved to dll ) but the text in the inventory can go to long size (9223372036854775807 ) i dont know if it's really needed trough
also the possibility to add savegame crystal in inventory is now possible
or maybe using "unsigned long": 0 to 18446744073709551615 since you cant go in negative with ammo :x
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