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jeffrey van oort
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Cool texture work ^^
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Use Bandicam !
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Wolf 7
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Originally Posted by LoreRaider View Post
^ Never use Fraps with newer systems, it's a lot old and outdated
How about Bandicam? It's the one I'm using for many years and works like a charm, also updated constantly
Originally Posted by TheLostSecret View Post
Use Bandicam !
Bandicam ... yeah, I should have it somewhere in my windows xp ... I remeber I tried to download it but it didn't work. I effectively never tried it on Windows 10. Do I need to use internet? Cause my two computers are located kinda far from my wi-fi and I never get signal, in fact I use my pc and my tablet for Tomb Raider forums ...

Originally Posted by jeffrey van oort View Post
Cool texture work ^^
I must admit that textures aren't mine, but I have modified some yesterday with my good old Photoshop of the 2000, for example the mouth texture was cut badly and I remade it in order to make it looks fine.

I was thinking, what about a demo? With Under the Guardhouse level only? That's the only level which I'm really proud of since now. I just gotta fix the atmosphere and then searching for a tutorial because want that Lara's health bar slowly fills by itself because I'm not really creative in "wondering when is the player dying". After I'll find it, I will also put medipacks but they'll be for really extreme situations (probably each enemy, cause I made them really powerful).
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Wolf 7
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Default I'm sorry ...

Hello everybody ...
Gosh, it has been two months since I have update this thread ... And I unfortunately have bad news ...
The project is actually on hold since late May/beginning of June. I had a really stressful period of school (you know what I mean? Stressful classmates, stressful tests boring teachers) and this usually makes me a lack of immagination. Sometimes I can easily manage to recover my immagination, but this year it wasn't the same. The novel (Wolves' Heaven) and the trle project (Tomb Raider Resident Evil) unfortunately fell in a "Limbo" in my mind waiting for a renovation or a cancelation.
It happens me really often and it's really frustrating, I feel as if I'm not able to finish any project of my life ...

Well the solutions are three:
- I'll put the project in an 'on hold' state, waiting for ispiration
- I'll meanwhile build that level I showed before on the screens thread (that's perhaps what I'm gonna do)
- I'll cancel the project (And I'M NOT GONNA DO THAT!)

In the meanwhile, if somebody wanna help me, I accept help ...

Ps: oh yes, sorry for duble-posting.
<3 Wolves!
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I'd say wait for inspiration.
It'll most likely come back once you're regular life becomes less stressful again.
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That's sad to hear, well I would wait and continue the project as soon as you have enough free time.

Do not cancel it, this would mean you wasted a lot of your private life for nothing
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I just looked at the screenshots - this project definitely should live!
but what about the inspiration? Everything is simple here : "Tomb Raider" 2018 with a magnificent alicia Vikander
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