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The length was a let down (it could have used at least two or three more levels), but going from the classics to this, at least control wise, was really awesome. I know people say it was too automated and the ledge hopping was overdone, but it was still impressive to see how they modernized the whole thing.
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It did a good job of acheiving what it was going for, basically being an arcade-y adaptation of the classics.

I just love how over the top everything is in this game. I actually think it's as far removed from the classics as the reboot is. Wheras the reboot took a more grounded approach to things like tone and Lara's characterization, Legend amped everything up.
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Evil Doggos
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Originally Posted by Thorir View Post
I mean, I like Legend more than Chronicles and AoD...
And TR1 is my favourite game.

TRL is good. Not great. Or fantastic. It's just too... Action-y. I want tombs, not Tokyo night club. Definitely NOT motorbike races... What does this have to do with exploring tombs and ancient history?
Please... The things that make Tomb Raider unique is exploring undiscovered tombs and sites. Not killing people.
I agree and yet, Shadow is hated for some reason. That game has very little action and there is still harsh criticisms towards it.
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As a game in its own right, it's the best one out of Crystal's TR games and actually pretty fun but as a Tomb Raider game it really misses the mark.
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I think I played some TR PC games before TRL but cannot remember. Once I got TRL given to me with a used xBox for my birthday- I was hooked on Tomb Raider and xBox. My favourite for nostalgic reasons.
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Originally Posted by Zebra View Post
As a game in its own right, it's the best one out of Crystal's TR games and actually pretty fun but as a Tomb Raider game it really misses the mark.
I prefer Underworld over Legend because it looked as if CD had begun to understood what makes a good TR rather than just a decent but unremarkable third person shooter.

I've always put that down to the work they did on Anniversary which, in parts, I think is an excellent reworking of the original game. It is, mostly, the new gameplay ideas they introduced that fell flat for me. When they were forced to stick to the original template it is at its best.

I still think the one truly original addition was the Sanctuary of Scion ladder room which is a puzzle area worthy of the original.

Both are far from perfect and whilst there is nothing terribly wrong with Legend it is not TR and IMHO inferior to both those other CD TR games of that generation.
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Tomb Raider
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The only thing I hated about Legend was how short it was. I don't know why they made Legend and Underworld so short. They could have easily made a game between 14-16 hours easily. It was so jarring since the classics were around 16-24 hours long.

Other then that I liked Legend and yes I also liked Alistair and Zip although there were moments where I wouldn't have minded being alone.

Also the levels should have been more complex to complete. Otherwise, not bad.
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Nigel Cassidy
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I've always cared more about the overall experience: story, music, atmosphere, characters, rather than purely gameplay, and in that regard TR Legend is the second best game I have ever played, right after Mass Effect 2.
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Mass Effect 2 - interesting.

For me unlike TR that game series deteriorated with each sequel. The main game and main gameplay was still great but with practically nothing added or improved of much significance I was happy for them to leave it after the third game.

The squad AI and secondary gameplay (resource gathering) were my main gripes with the latter having been made almost perfunctory by ME3. With old TR I think it peaked with TR3, gently plateaued down with TR4, significantly deteriorated with TR5 then plummeted to AOD.

Legend was/is a very playable game but the rewritten backstory I did not like and a lot of the game felt like one of those not for cinema release, off the peg straight to DVD/cable sequels to a successful movie which star few of the original characters or actors with writing, direction etc and budget all inferior to the original .

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I had the benefit of playing Legend when I didn't know about this community and wasn't online looking at what fans and critics were saying. Therefore I could play it with innocent eyes and judge it entirely on my own reaction to it.

At the time I played the living **** out of the game, I loved it so much. I liked the faster-paced gameplay and how the game felt way more forgiving with its checkpoint system. I also loved the music and art that went into the game, as well as the sheer amount of unlockable content the game offers. I always love a game that has a crap tonne of costumes and other things to play around with.

However I don't think the game has aged all that well and especially since coming on here I've realised the flaws it has. It is too short, which we all knew even back in 2006. However a big part of the reason it is too short is because the levels are far too streamlined and linear, not putting enough emphasis on exploration. I wouldn't mind, but that's an issue Crystal Dynamics have refused to resolve in almost every game since. It shouldn't have to take a remake of Tomb Raider 1, where CD were literally forced to go against their basic linear model to recreate some of Core's levels, to get a decently complicated level.

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