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the magi
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Default Question about TR1 and TRLE

Is there any way to directly acess the files from TR1 and directly import the maps to TRLE?

I'd like to give it a shot at enhancing slightly the levels of the first TR, but I'm new to TRLE and would like to have as little hassle as humanly possible.

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You may want to ask this in the Level Editor section.

There are a few tools that can rip assets and maps from classic TR levels but none that give you a flawless .prj with all items and lights applied correctly. TR2prj will rip the maps (it corrupts some of the geometry and texturing, and doesn't include lights), and Wadmerger can rip all the objects you'll need.

However if you want to patch the actual TR1 levels you can either remake them in DxTRE3D or soon the new and userfriendly Tomb Editor and directly replace the original game files to mod it.
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