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Default Bridge Tilt 3 and 4 - Making Room Geometry Slopes Walkable

With this technique, there is no need to use static objects underneath in order to make Lara walk over sloped room geometry that is 3 clicks or more.

Do the following:
1. Make two rooms, one above, one below,
2. Make 3 or 4 click high slope on the floor of the room above
3. Make a 3 or 4 click high slope on the ceiling of the room below
4. Draw portal on this slope between the room above and below
5. Make the portal 'Toggle Opacity 2' (Textured and traversable in TE)
6. In the room below, surround the portal with 'Set Wall' (in TE this is the green wall icon)
7. Bring the floor of the room underneath up to meet the ceiling.

(Steps 6 and 7 ensure Lara will never fall through the bridge into the room underneath.)

8. Set your texture to double-sided mirrored and paint the 'floor' texture on the sloped ceiling below (I guess above is fine too)
9. Place your bridge object so it is 0 clicks above the slope in your upper room then Set your trigger for the bridge object on the flat square in the room below, beneath the slope. The engine will think now that there is nothing below your Bridge Tilt 3 or 4 except a flat surface.
10. Set your Bridge OCB to 128 to stop sliding

Below is a picture reference so you have a visual aid for your setup.
I assume the same setup works with Custom Bridge too so just apply the same steps to that but adjust your OCB accordingly.

It should work as seen in this video:

Thanks to Krystian and Daniel whose initial advice about using static objects and having a flat floor below helped me realise this workaround would be possible.

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