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Originally Posted by reborninshadow View Post
No they aren't uploaded. There needs to be a clear permission for that to happen as this stuff comes from official sources rather than an ex developer sharing them or anything like that.
And yet, if geometry modding were possible to do within AOD, TRJTA said they would surely put it back in the game.

Would that count if AOD were ported to the Unity engine? Does it matter in which engine it is shared? Is there even a difference between releasing the assets in a game vs just releasing them if even in the AOD engine they could just be ripped straight back out again by anyone? And if there isn't a difference, why wait?

TRAE was cleared, and Core devs are blatantly uploading files from the classics these days. I doubt the 'higher ups' would even care about some enviroment models from a game nearly twenty years old that everyone regards as the black sheep of the franchise. Was permission to release the files sought out at the time?
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it was cool to see what the scaffolding is meant to look like lol. been curious about that for ages
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Originally Posted by _Seth View Post
Then I wonder where TRJTA got them.
Well he didn't really "get" them . Many of the things shown in TR25 celebrations were made along with the help of fans, it wasn't very easy to open up these ancient files and make renders etc. so TRJTA and a few others helped with some stuff like that. You can see their names in the video descriptions uploaded to the official TR YouTube Channel as well. He worked with the community managers to make these happen so I assume he would need to get clear permission to release the files publicly from them.

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I've come 'round to thinking that Murti might be partly indirectly at fault for AoD's fate because of how he had SO many ideas, which were great, but it seems like he scribbled down every idea that popped into his head and gave them to Core, and Core were enthusiastic to implement as much as they could. Perhaps if Murti held back on a lot of stuff and stuck to only showing Core what was necessary, the overall design ethos/document would have been more focussed. I mean I don't think the overall failure was Murti's fault; Mary of Jerusalem knows I adore his work, but just that him feeding Core every single thought could have been a contributing factor.
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