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Talking (Sort of) New Tomb Raider player!

Well, double sense there in the title but, yeah.
I'm quite happy to know this place exists and still seems to be active, right around the time i was starting to play Tomb Raider 1, i found out about this place, i thought it'd be cool! And, well, yes i am, basicly just starting the series, but i used to know and like Tomb Raider back in the day, we used to have TR Legend on our Xbox, i used to watch my older brother play that, altho, i never really played it because, well, i was still too young... (and still am lol)

Ever since then, i haven't really got into Tomb Raider again, sure, i'd check out Tomb Raider 1 and 2, but, never really played that much nor till the end, but now, i'm hooked!

Now, since, well it says here for me to say something more about me so that it's more special, so...

I make music as well, i took no lessons but figured things out all on my self really, i make music in MIDI format (not necessarily with the default low quality Windows Roland Sound Canvas, i used all sorts of samples, well, i'm, afraid since most people associate MIDI with the low quality default Windows soundfont), and, well maybe i'd share some songs eventually, but not yet i guess.

I animate in 3D, and, i can also make 3D models but i don't model so often, my highest poly character model is a 3D Klonoa with 25,069 triangles! (it's better, more faithful than the Phantasy Reverie Series' models, of course!)

As you can tell by my profile picture, yeah the obvious, from time to time, i draw, but that's not too, special per say... Perhaps i should open some free requests here for people to ask me for drawings, altho i'm not too sure, because, man am i usually busy, and trying to work on my 3 year in development hell source mods...

I like Sega and Sega AM2, i'm looking forward to explore more and more about'em, which i don't see many people talking or playing their stuff, and, well i'm quite tired of just seeing Sonic communitues everywhere, don't get me wrong, i'm basicly an eternal Sonic virgin, but, well, i just like to not get too mainstream and trendy i guess...

Uhm... That's about it, i guess? Well, hopefully this will be quite a nice place, i like old forums and old stuff.
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tlr online
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Welcome to the forum.
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Hi welcome

I had to give up Sonic a long time ago as the fast moving colours would give me blinding headaches, and would nearly pass out

Same goes for Ratchet and Clank. Loved it but it did not love me.

That's why the soothing and dark caves of Tomb Raider was much safer for me, from a health point of view LOL.
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Cat Woman
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Welcome to the forum Rapappa. Enjoy the interaction between everyone.
Pharaoh´s Tomb
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Welcome Rapappa ! Hope you'll enjoy the forum
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