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Default Best Location Per Game

Lara has been to many different places over her expeditions.
Which of these is your favourite in each of the games?

-Tomb Raider (1996) - City of Vilcabamba

This I think is the point where things start to get interesting. There are ruins to explore in the mountain caves too but now you're in a whole city. An abandoned legendary city! Perfect setting for an adventure to begin and to get familiar with Lara's... Unique way of being an archaeologist!

-Tomb Raider II - The Great Wall / Venice

Lara doesn't get to visit actual archaeological sites too often, probably because she can't get away with vandalizing them, but exploring THE Great Wall of China itself was a welcome first for the series! Anything about this level is honestly iconic.

There's also something very compelling about Venice. It's the first time ever we get to see Lara outside tombs and ruins and she couldn't have picked a more fitting setting. Obvious shout-out to the violins!

-Tomb Raider III - Jungle / Coastal Village

The first proper jungle setting in Tomb Raider! India served as a great introduction to Tomb Raider III and the whole level is very beautifully crafted and presented.

Leaving the problematic "White woman with guns kills indigenous people" part of the level aside, the forest part of the level with the waterfall and everything is really pretty~~

-Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation - The Lost Library

As I said I love anything that has to do with ancient Egypt so The Last Revelation might as well be my guilty pleasure game! I've always found huge-ass libraries very intriguing too so win≤.

-Tomb Raider Chronicles - The Colosseum

As with the Great Wall of China in Tomb Raider II, the Colosseum was a refreshing change to Lara's lack of trips to real-life monuments. Loved every part of it.

-Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness - Parisian Back Streets

By now I'm sure you've noticed I have a thing with the intro levels. It's probably because they're the first ever glimpse of a game and the part where you familiarise yourself with the gameplay of a game. Angel of Darkness is no exception. Instantly, the game lets you know that this is not what you were used to when it comes to Tomb Raider. Lara is being hunted down by the police and she's lost her gear. She literally has nothing. I like this grim take and how the usually cool and cocky Lara deals with it.

-Tomb Raider: Legend - Tiwanaku

I love Legend's level design as a whole but Bolivia was my first ever taste of Tomb Raider so I obviously have to pick Tiwanaku for nostalgia purposes! But it really is a fun level to play around in.

-Tomb Raider: Anniversary - The Lost Valley

I played Anniversary before the original and I think that the lost valley is presented in a much better way in this game. The T-Rex boss battle too! One thing the original does better however is the river. If you fall you need to start aaaaall the way from the bottom. That was a neat little aspect they should have kept imo.

-Tomb Raider: Underworld - Remnants / Bhogavati

Underworld is gorgeous overall, I think all of the locations are the prettiest we've ever seen as a whole set, but Thailand knocks it out of the park! The whole part of the level before descending down to the Norse tomb is simply gorgeous and can even be challenging at times. Loved it. The spiders clinging on you was really funny too!

-Tomb Raider (2013) - Scavenger's Den / Coastal Bluffs / Coastal Forest / Mountain Temple

With Angel of Darkness and Shadow coming in as a close second and third respectively, this is by far the most dramatic introduction we've ever had in a Tomb Raider game. From the time we gain control of Lara up until her first kill we get to see a very different, vulnerable and scared Lara barely surviving compared to the confident, arrogant and sassy Lara we were used to prior to this game. I think that the reboot does an excellent job of setting itself apart from what we knew as "Tomb Raider" up until that point.

-Rise of the Tomb Raider - Syria / Siberian Wilderness / Geothermal Valley

I really enjoyed exploring the Prophet's tomb in Syria. They did a very good job at showing the contrast between the game's two core locations, desert and snowy mountain. I only wish that maybe Syria could have been the main location of the game and Siberia the "flashback" one instead. Snow levels get boring quickly unless it's Tomb Raider III's Antarctica levels!

That being said, the whole "don't die of hypothermia or get eaten by a bear" part of the Siberian Wilderness was loads of fun! It's just that, after that, a huge portion of the game is my two worst possible location concepts: snow and military base.

As far as Geothermal Valley goes, I actually really enjoyed the latter part where you're trying to reach the Cathedral to find the Atlas. Too many enemies, sure, but it was actually one of the very few times I enjoyed that in a Tomb Raider game. I also genuinely felt sorry I couldn't save any of the Remants.

-Shadow of the Tomb Raider - Cozumel

I really loved the Dia de los Muertos festivities part of the level a lot but, most of all, I like how the fact that Lara often causes misfortune to people and places she comes across during her journeys is presented and approached for the first time. They sort of tried to show that before with Alister's death and how Lara's priority was still "business as usual" and also when she unleashed Seth in Last Revelation but I prefer Shadow's take on these topics.
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Iím generally biased towards urban levels

TR1 - Natlaís Mines

TR2 - Venice/Bartoliís Hideout

TR3 - Temple Ruins/Thames Wharf

TR4 - Desert Railroad

TR5 - Russia (Submarine)/Rome

AoD - Paris at night (Backstreets, Derelict Aparts., Industrial Rooftops, Mlle. Carvier)

Legend - Kazakhstan (the scenery while driving the motorcycle near the cliffs)

Anniversary - Atlantis in general

Underworld - Med. Sea

TR2013 - Solarii Fortress (burning temple, the escape)

Rise - Geothermal Valley

Shadow - Cozumel
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Interesting thread!

TR1: Peru - Most of the levels in 1 have the same atmosphere, but the Peru levels have the best pacing for me.

TR2: Tibet - I'm not the biggest fan of this game but the Tibet levels are all great.

TR3: India - River Ganges is kind of meh, but Jungle and Temple Ruins are two of my favorite levels in the franchise. I can forgive Caves of Kaliyah's shortness, as it's obviously meant to be a boss only level.

TR4: Karnak - I think the later sections have some better levels but by time you reach them, you're just ready for the game to be over. Karnak is at a point where I find that can still enjoy myself.

TR5: Rome - Pretty fun, overall.

AOD: Paris, but more specifically, the Hall of Seasons.

TRL: Ghana - It's kind of hard to judge Legend based off it's individual locations, as I feel like it works better as a whole. Ghana I think stands out the best as an individual level.

TRA: Greece - Has the most notable improvements out of all the reimagined levels.

TRU: Coastal Thailand - For obvious reasons.

TR2013: Mountain Village - Like TRL, I feel like the game works better as a whole, but the Mountain Village sections are always enjoyable.

Rise: Syria - A beautiful level and a great introduction to the game.

Shadow: Trial of the Eagle - Probably my favorite puzzle in the entire reboot.
Korra's better. Sorry
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-Tomb Raider (1996) -Lost Valley.

For the very same reason you said. This is where things get interesting. Vilcabamba was an amazing archeological discovery, but something like a ruined city was to be expected from the very beginning. A green valley with dinosaurs... That level showed the game was something different.
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TR1- Peru

TR2- Venice

TR3- India

TR4- Alexandria

TR5- Rome

AOD- The Sanitarium

TRL- Nepal

TRA- Egypt

TRU- Mexico

2013- ShipWreck Beach

Rise- Research Base

Shadow- San Juan - The Path Home
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TR1 : Egypt

TR2 : Venice

TR3 : South Pacific

TR4 : The huge pyramids at Giza combined with the blood red sky, is quite an intimidating sight

TR5 : Rome

TRAOD : Tomb of Ancients

TRL : Ghana

TRA : Greece

TRU : Thailand

TR2013 : Summit Forest at dusk

ROTTR : Syria
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Tr1 : City of Khamoon

TR2 : Tibetan Foothills

TR3: Coastal Village

TR4 : Coastal Ruins

TR5: Gallow's Tree

TRAoD: Bio Research Facility

TRL: Ghana

TRA: Palace Midas

TRU: Mexico
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If not listed it means I have no preference for that game:

TR2: Temple of Xian
TR3: India
TR4: Karnak
TR5: Rome
TRA: Egypt
TRU: Mexico
TR2013: Mountain Village
ROTTR: Geothermal Valley
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Location or level?


TR1 - Greece
TR2 - Tibet
TR3 - Nevada
TR4 - Alexandria
TR5 - Russia
TRAOD - Paris (Archaeological Dig - Wrath of the Beast section)
TRL - Ghana
TRA - Greece
TRU - Thailand

Single levels:

TR1 - Palace Midas
TR2 - Barkhang Monastery
TR3 - Aldwych
TR4 - The Lost Library
TR5 - Sinking Submarine
TRAOD - The Strahov Fortress (most AOD levels are way too short to be considered on their own as 'good', especially the Hall of Seasons levels which devote separate levels to the challenge rooms). Strahov Fortress is one of the longer levels with a mix of puzzles/traps and combat
TRL - Ghana
TRA - St. Francis' Folly
TRU - Thailand

Still haven't played reboot.

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By location do you mean location or level, or levels? Because you asked for favourite location in singular form, but started answering a different question.
Originally Posted by XXIIXX View Post
the problematic "White woman with guns kills indigenous people" part of the level aside, the forest part of the level with the waterfall and everything is really pretty~~
Most people that Lara kills are native to the country they're physically in at the time. How is South pacific any more of a problem? She kills murderous cannibals who try to poison and decapitate her at first sight, but it's automatically a problem to you because Lara's white? Are you for real?
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