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Question Stuck in SOTTR in Mission "Trial of the Spider"

I am stuck in SOTTR in Mission "Trial of the Spider" the Cavern with the mosaic spider. After I cross the mosaic wall and then climb the climbable wall, as soon as I climb on to the second floor, Lara holds her right hand to the right side of her face, and I cannot jump and run anymore. I’m stuck.
I tried contacting Crystal Dynamics support but they were less than helpful.
I have found that the bug is repeatable on the internet on Reddit with the URL:

BUG in Shadow o.t. Tomb Raider: In Mission "Trial of the Spider" Lara is just holding her hand to her ear after I jumped on the second floor. After that I can't jump and run anymore. Im stuck because I cannot reach the third floor (I have to jump to reach it). Don't what to do now :/ : r/Stadia (

However, there were no solutions posted. Does anyone have a fix?
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You could try to load a backup save and see if you still get this bug when you reach the same place.

In the game's main menu, hold L2 + R2 when on the file to get the option of loading a backup save. I never tried this myself but I believe it will take you back to the last campfire. Hope this helps!
Follow the white ledges
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