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Originally Posted by jeffrey van oort View Post
I think that the reboot games can be played without having to have played the TR reboot games in chronological order. The TR Reboot games are their own adventures. Unlike for example TR Underworld, that would make more sense if you played Tomb Raider Legend and Tomb Raider Anniversary before Tomb Raider Underworld.
It's basically the same story 3 times over anyway - Lara has an accident that leaves her stranded without any gear in some remote location and has to "become the Tomb Raider she was always supposed to be" or some crap like that.

They really said copy + paste 3 times.

I don't want Tomb Raider to become another soulless massive open world clone game. We have enough of those. What it needs is to return to the classic formula of self-contained levels that, in themselves, are fairly open and basically a series of interconnected small hubs. They can bump the scale of those levels somewhat but I don't think it should be fully open world. The Reboot era got this wrong, those were painfully linear for 80% of the game and then had massive hubs that I don't think they knew how to use fully.
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Have you tried an Frames Per Second (fps) change?

Choose from the following

45 54 60 71 80 91 106.67. 71 seems nice for this game. 80+ might be reserved for other fast action games. 54 is used for Tomb Raider I II III since it is DOS / Windows 9x / Me.
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