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Default Colosseum Gemstone

Hey there,
Does someone know what the Gemstone puzzle from the Colosseum is?
I mean that circular golden think with a purple gem inside.
I'm asking about this, because I'm planning to make it in HD
I hope in some good news about TRNG!
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It looks like some jewelry imo, if it's inspired by a real item I'm guessing something way smaller than its size in the game. At the same time it looks very basic. Maybe a fancy plate ? I guess in real life it would have inscriptions on the golden parts ?

It's like the puzzle item in TR4 that looks like a head and has a shape of a scepter (Palace of Cleopatra level I think) it does exist in real life and it is a real ancient egyptian object but in real life it's "just" a fancy mirror. (I think it's at the Louvre).
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I think this comes very close. Its a Roman gemstone and the reason they were used for.
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