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Arrow Battletech

We had a member on this forum that made a thread on a game called "Mechwarrior" not too long ago. While the Mechwarrior series of games are good, they are IMO just a basic level introduction to the world of Battletech.

For all you youngins out there, Battletech is an old combined arms tabletop game that had a huge underground cult following back in the 80s. The game became popular enough to spawn a cheesy 80s cartoon series with the same name... But we like to forget that series ever happened .

In 2018, FASA Entertainment, the guys who have been in possession of the rights to the Mechwarrior franchise, made a turn-based RTS/RPG game based on the Battletech universe. It was an instant hit with Battletech fans.

The world of Battletech is complex, spanning hundreds of years of fictional history, with a realistic look at cultural and religious influences from Earth. Think of it as a Sci-Fi based setting for Game of Thrones without the Euro-centric focus.
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