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Originally Posted by LateRaider View Post
i probably dont have psx uzi noises but i think the version of UB i have has all the missing voice tracks

I ve checked your version and its missing the audio track i mentioned= oh, air, use left and right, its the one when lara surfaces on the swimming pool on the gym, could you please insert the missing clip? The game crashes if i press pause or go to inventory after the surfaces on the pool as a result of that missing audio clip.

By the way, do you know where i can download the tr2 September beta with dozy cheat and select all level enabled? I cant find it anywhere, i would really be grateful if i found it, the link on dropbox is dead, and is there a fix for saving in tr2 custom level darkness castle? Whenever i go to save the level crashes with Savegame too big to fit in buffer error.
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wha? it shouldnt be missing... i checked it myself, it shouldnt freeze when you pause. i added every single tr1 audio clip to the game to fix some stuff

i dont know anything about tr2 dozy beta sorry

Edit - OK, I understand what you mean now. It freezes specifically if you pause while you're in the pool. And yes, the clips "Ah, air!" and "Just use forward, and left and right to maneuver around on the surface." are missing. I know for a fact I added all the audio clips from the original game, so I couldn't tell you why this is acting the way it is. Don't pause when you're in the pool, I guess? i can contact suikaze or b122251 to see if they know. otherwise i assume b122251's version will be out like june 2021
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