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Default what is your favorite level in TR2? and your most hated?

my favorite level are all of those ship levels and the one i most hate is temple of xian because i hate spiders.
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Favorite - Temple of Xian - One of my favorite levels in the entire series and encompasses everything TR is about. Creepy and atmospheric music, complex level design, tons of deadly traps, and wide arrange of platforming. It pretty much puts the skills you learned throughout the game to test.

Least Favorite - Venice - I want to like this level since it's the first ever TR level with a blue sky, but the constant barrage of human enemies makes me dislike it . Not a big fan on how the boat is a major focus in the level.
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My favourite - Barkhang Monastery - I just love this level, it's long and complex . Many traps and collecting items. Athmosphere of this place is just awesome! And also very cool thing are monks that can help you fighting with enemies.

TBH I like all levels in TR2 so I tell the level that I like but the least.
It's Dragon's Lair. Yeah it has quite nice athmosphere. But boss is IMO to easy. And it's short.
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The low point is probably the oil rig levels, and I'm not crazy about the Venice levels either apart from Opera House, which is good.

I think the game generally picks up and gets better and better the further in you go though. Temple of Xian and Floating Islands are both masterpieces.

That said, I think the Tibet levels I love the most, I just love the setting and I am so in love with Lara's bomber jacket (as stupid as it looks wearing it with shorts).
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Barkhang and Xian obviously .

EDIT : I mean those are my most loved ones , not that I hate the latter I didn't realize you were asking for the least favorite levels as well , mine would be the oil rig levels .
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Best: Barkhang
Worst: Oil Rig levels and Tibetan Foothills.
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Favourite: Barkhang Monestary + Temple of Xian
Least Favourite: I think it was Living quarters. One of those ship levels. Euch.
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My fave is probably Temple of Xian for the sheer 'Tomb-Raideryness' of it, but I also have this soft spot for the boat levels, Wreck of the Maria Doria and The Deck particularly. I loved that huge lake with the sharks and the lil green seaweeds, and being able to look out the portholes into the underwater caverns. The ambient sound is really cool on them levels too, with the heartbeat and dripping, very atmospheric, claustrophobic even being so far below the sea.
Least fave is Offshore Rig and Diving Area. Just...meh. They feel like filler to me, too many sirens and the layouts seem clumsy.
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Fav: another person chiming in with Barkhang Monastery, for atmospheric reasons, and also for warm fuzzy feelings when making friends with the Monks.

Least fav: Floating islands. It's too surreal and unbelievable for me, and the bright green texture used across the level is ghastly.
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Favorite: either Temple of Xian or Barkhang Monastery

Least favorite: the underwater levels, especially Wreck of the Maria Doria.
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