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Prinz Eugen
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Default Survival Instincts, yes or no?

Hi all
I was just wondering, do you like using survival instincts during your game?
I remember I toggled it off at the beginning. I personally do not like that it highlights where things are, be it documents, relics, and everything else around you. I just prefer to figure things out on my own. Same when it comes to combat. I rather figure it out on my own whether an enemy is looking at another enemy or not, and so on.

I used survival instincts in Rise, but I played without it in Shadow. I havenít even upgraded the abilities involving survival instincts for the whole game, as they were useless for me. I instead upgraded everything else.

I just like to explore this way. Yes, it may take longer to find everything, but thatís not a bad thing to me though I admit I had to look up maybe 1 or 2 items because I couldnít figure out how to reach them. But I have found everything else legit and finally reached 100% completion. I just canít wait to do this again

I hope I am not the only one
Your thoughts about survival instincts?
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I've personally never used it.
I tried a few times back in TR2013 but the color combination during its activation used to really hurt my eyes, so I stopped.
In RotTR never touched it, and SotTR the same.

I think it should stay though. But not as a skill to unlock or as an ability she already has.
It should be difficulty dependant IMHO.
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They’re an optional feature. If you don’t want to use them then don’t use them. That’s my two cents.
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Batman did it better. The sheer stupidity of having them turn off because you have the audacity to walk around makes Survival Instincts the inferior product. When new to the TR games, I use SI heavily, which makes them a giant pain. Now that I know where everyone and everything is, however, I don't need SI so I don't use them.
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Not really, plus in Shadow I had glitches with SI and waypoints...
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Grizzly Bear
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Not using it makes the game so much better, I really think they should get rid of survival instinct from now on...

Maybe they could keep something like the erbs system but they need to make their effect strictly limited to plants.

Also, many other award-winning games like God of War and Resident Evil don't have this feature and I'm sure people don't enjoy TR that much even because they keep using SI every two seconds (every video I've seen on YouTube was played like that) but the game becomes awful if it's played that way.

Or, better, I believe SI should stay only in the easiest difficulty.

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I never used it in the entire trilogy, sometimes I even forget it exists lol.

I played Rise entirely without Survival Instinct, I even disabled it from the options but I remember that the game always asks you to use it and that pop-up tutorial saying "Press L3 to activate Survival Instinct" appeared every damn 5 minutes, it was so frustrating! I don't remember if that's the case for Shadow too.
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Grizzly Bear
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^ No, thankfully it's possible to block it completely.
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Tomb Raider
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I play on PC so I actually bound it to a key that was so out of the way that I wouldn't press it even by accident on my first playthrough. On subsequent playthroughs I use it sometimes combined with waypoint markers on the map to find items quicker.
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I completely forgot Shadow had this option. Must have turned it off initially and never thought about it anymore.
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