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Originally Posted by jajay119 View Post
If accounts are to be believe it’s CD’s own fault that they were lacking on time for TRU as they took TRA in a somewhat insidious way. Had they left Core to do that as a side project and had TRU as the direct continuation to Legend it was meant to be I suspect things would have been very different.
Imo Core Design's decision of releasing TRAE at the same year as Legend was a huge mistake since it sounded to Crystal Dynamic that Core wanted to compete with them over the franchise.(Crystal also wanted to make a PSP version of Legend which would go into a direct competition with TRAE)
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I've read through what most people on the thread have had to say about the game, and I have to say this was personally well timed. I'm just about to conclude an LAU play-through with my boyfriend for the first time, and my third complete start to finish play-through – previous being 2006-08 & 2011 when the PS3 Trilogy released.

Firstly, I am not one to want to ever find major fault in the series as it's my absolute favourite minus the modern reboot (which i'm just out of touch with). But, Underworld is incredibly painful to play-through in many regards. I think due to the massive amount of hype I placed on Underworld before it was originally released - like many of us here - I always felt underwhelmed by it. I did, however, expect that feeling to wear off over time. Someone earlier mentioned the photo mode that was originally talked about during the June of '08 and I had completely forgot about that! I took me back in line with where we all were pre-release. The characters were just as much to get excited about, and the fanfare around the doppelgänger/badass Lara people wanted which reared it's head basically never.

Anniversary was in my honest opinion how a Tomb Raider should be. It had it's faults somewhere i'm sure, but in terms of how it played and all the elements that are considered true to TR as far as i'm concerned it had it, almost bitter-sweet if you will. Underworld came out and was just a big fat disappointment. I was 11 when Underworld came out and had eagerly been awaiting it's release since I finished the cliffhanger of Legend in '06, which for a child of that age felt like forever. The revealing of Lara's mum was so underwhelming, the roster of levels and the absolute downright lack of any sort of fun unlockables which had been present in the previous two games completely removed any character. Also, having been a Sony TR'er since forever I missed out on the DLC and still to this day haven't played it - which forced me to feel disconnected from the series, I had no choice.

Replaying it recently straight after Legend and Anniversary I thought i'd come at it from a different direction, now being 22 and all. One of my biggest gripes is the levels, which to me is about 95% of what makes the games. They are just absolutely awful.

The Med Sea IMO is great, I even love the boat section. Amazing showcase of what the game could do in terms of sheer size, and a wonderful way to make sure Underworld was respected differently to the previous two games. Thailand was without a doubt the absolute showstopper for the game, and when it was the demo all those years ago it built the hype even further. The sheer amount of detail was pioneering for TR at the time – we were on the cusp of something brand new. Unfortunately, I just feel that after the second level - which BTW can I point out is only 2 out of 7 (...but really 6) levels - the game takes a nosedive. Croft Manor is a rather simple interlude reminiscent to that of England in Legend from a style point of view. South Mexico is excruciatingly boring. The bike is a complete and utter nuisance. The level design that is then built around this PITA mechanic is sucky. Even once you've got out of the dreary beginning of the level and down into the catacomb the long drawn out yawn-worthy corridors the level continues to absolutely suck. Jan Mayan has a great concept to begin with, but quickly becomes an absolute snore-fest as well. The labyrinth section is so not required. The hammer section is burnt into my retinas, I mean seriously. Lazy level design becomes a common theme at this point.

Sadly, as someone who has already played the game by this point I can only help but feel utter dread as I know that the game has zero redeeming factors from here on out in it's rather short remaining duration. Andaman (SP?) Sea is a copy-paste from earlier, but with PS3 RSX-slowing rain animations returning from the drivel first section of Mexico and the by the Arctic Sea i've given up and want the game finished – not before I get sent on another level and item chase in order to progress onto more corridors. I mean seriously, how did this game take two years? Thailand alone makes up for the entire games sorry existence. Beyond that, i'm sorry but even 11 years on - there's zero redeeming qualities...

...and my favourite Tomb Raider is Angel of Darkness. (cue upcoming quotes only highlighting this section and claiming my opinion is invalid )
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As a new and unbiased Tomb Raider player I'll give my input to the complaints I've read in this thread.

Controls - A lot of you are saying they're terrible, but compared to what? Anniversary and Legend both had the same controls and they all felt fine except for the few camera and jump hiccups that all of them had. I felt like Lara controlled the best in Underworld out of the trio. Sprinting and Wall jumping hello? Wall jumping is fun in any game, and it fits perfectly in this one.

Plot - This I sort of agree with everyone on, but it was still mildly interesting nonetheless. I was genuinely happy to see Natla and Doppelganger Lara again, and I wish they made a little bit more appearances.

Level Design - I see some posters complaining about traveling through long corridors for the majority of the game but I just didn't see it. You traveled on the bike on the 4th and 5th levels, but that wasn't time consuming and you still spent the majority of your time platforming and solving puzzles.

For my opinions on the level design, I thought the first 3 levels were absolutely amazing. The bike parts of mexico weren't my favorite, but getting lost is part of what makes Tomb Raider so fun. I really couldn't stand Valhalla though, but the rest of the game was fine to me, but the first 3 levels stand out and made me think that this game would be better than Anniversary.

Secrets/Pickups - I also agree with another poster who said that the secrets weren't handled well. I didn't like the random pickups in Legend, and I don't like them in this game. Anniversary had very few, but challenging and almost impossible secrets that made you want to get them.

Overall, I think TR:U was a great closing game to the LAU trio. I feel like each of those games has their ups and downs and is unique in both good and bad ways. Anniversary is what I expect from a Tomb Raider game, and I feel like Underworld was much closer to that than Legend, but I still love them both. Comparing this to AoD seems really extra to me. AoD Lara actually feels even more awkward than PS1 classic Lara, and Underworld Lara feels superior to her predecessors (except for fall damage being so unforgiving).
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Hello Donovan ! Welcome to the Forums !

I mostly agree about all you said.
Like you I don't find Lara's controls terrible and not that different to L/A, it works almost the same. Though I still think the animations don't look as good as the previous two and I think that's why there are several complains. Lara seems too fast and some transitions are lacking. However you still right as it's more visual than about controls.
There are also some glitches, Lara sometimes could be stuck at the edge of a slope, funnily turn around a pick up for more than 5 sec, ect... Nothing game breaking, you could easily resolve those little problems but there's a feeling of unpolishement.
As for myself those things didn't make me dislike the game (at all) even if it would be better without them.

The new moves were so good, I also love wall jumps, sprint, balancing beams, climbing walls, ect. They really added a lot of new possibilities into platforming that it made all of this quite rich ! That's why i like platforming more in this game than any other Crystal Dynamics games. Shadow is maybe closed to that, I should compare. My only complain about Underworld is the magnetic jump (if you see what I mean), I would prefer unconstrained jumps with momentum to be counted. Still really like it despite of this.
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It is so refreshing to see TRU love in a TRU hatred thread. I love Underworld too, my favorite of LAU <3

I would have loved to see a continuation but hey! It's not too late yet...
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I recently replayed the LAU trilogy back to back and I have to say that the control difference is more than evident. I just can't agree with people saying that they are the same as in Legend and Anniversary because to me they weren't.

And I am not talking about the keybinds themselves. I mean Lara's movement and animations. Everything in Anniversary was just butter smooth and animated perfectly while when I switched the Underworld the very same day I finished Anniversary everything felt so stiff and crude when she moved. The difference was noticable to me personally. I envy everyone who doesn't see it.
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When it comes to Crystal Dynamics Tomb Raiders, i love Legend Lara, the best animations, rich moveset, fluidity, and the addition of mouse aiming makes it perfect.

Anniversary movement, and animations are dumbed down a little, compared to Legend, controling Lara feels limited, and clunky.

Underworld Lara is just...


But there is something that most people seem to ignore, and i personally love about Underworld Lara.

I know that most people were angry about Lara being too old, wrinkled and so on. But i've noticed that [especially during cutscenes] Underworld Lara looks A LOT like an updated version of TR1 Lara from Title Screen.

Anyone noticed this?
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Originally Posted by Felix Kroft View Post
When it comes to Crystal Dynamics Tomb Raiders, i love Legend Lara, the best animations, rich moveset, fluidity, and the addition of mouse aiming makes it perfect.

Anniversary movement, and animations are dumbed down a little, compared to Legend, controling Lara feels limited, and clunky.

Underworld Lara is just...


But there is something that most people seem to ignore, and i personally love about Underworld Lara.

I know that most people were angry about Lara being too old, wrinkled and so on. But i've noticed that [especially during cutscenes] Underworld Lara looks A LOT like an updated version of TR1 Lara from Title Screen.

Anyone noticed this?
Yes! Especially during the doppelganger scene at Croft manor, when she is looking at her silhouette through the glass in the tech room. Besides the freakishly long legs and man hands I kinda liked the underworld model a lot thanks to the TR1 Lara vibes I got.
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Alright, if we're ruining the thread with positivity

I love how Lara can shoot with one hand while climbing or hanging from ledges. It's a brilliant feature that is sorely lacking in all the other games, but in the end rarely came into use organically during Underworld
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you know what one thing i dont like about tr:u is how lara no longer gains momentum while wall running
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