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Originally Posted by Nigel Cassidy View Post
They both got their pros and cons... I think GoL is better in enemy variety, bonus items, outfits and the hand cannons; they kick ass in GoL but I don't like them in ToO.

ToO in my opinion does music, boss fights, big monsters and dialogue better.

I can't get over how good the ToO music is, Wilbert Roget for Shadow please! The main theme is so gorgeous and like a true TR game to me.
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I only played a little bit of ToO and I lost interest pretty quickly. Right from the get-go I played with two other people, though, so I should really go back and give it a try solo. Initially, it felt less...cohesive in comparison to GoL, I guess. Too much going on. BUT that could very well have been from playing with friends.

Apart from the gameplay, I have to say the soundtrack is phenomenal. I would be ecstatic if Wilbert Roget returned to score another LC (or TR!!) game. I also loved the Legend soundtrack, so I had no complaints when it was recycled for GoL.
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I like GoL better too. ToO is great tho
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GoL is amazing. Too feels so soulless to me. It was okay, but I feel no need to ever touch it again.
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Posted in a another thread about this:

Originally Posted by Saratova View Post
I'd just like another GoL-like game. For me Osiris wasn't as satisfying with the changes made—items unlocked via gems exchanged for chests rather than achievements, not auto selecting previously active weapon, lack of the same arcade-like weapon feel/variety, no place to check achievement completion—and the open hub felt lonely and desolate.

Still a decent game with some nice additions in places but GoL nailed the game feel. Plus mission book chapters all the way
I've heard it's more fun with co-op but even so I didn't come away feeling I'd love to replay it as I did with GoL.
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I finished Osiris in 10 hours and I found it ok, although questionable in some choices.

Done with that (there's really no point in grinding gems), I started playing this one and after ONE HOUR I'm like ... what?
Like, dude. this game crushes Osiris without question. What happened ?
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Meh, TOO is pretty uninspired overall. GOL had very creative puzzles and challenges, and TOO just kinda recycled the GOL mechanics and gameplay with little innovation.
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I enjoyed Guardian of Light a lot more as well. It feels more inspired. The outfits are much better, the weapons are cooler and the relics and artifacts feel more fleshed out as opposed to the endless arrays of rings and amulets of Temple of Osiris...

I love the graphics in Temple of Osiris and I will never get tired of Lara in Egypt but that's all it has over Guardian of Light. Plus the 4P multiplayer over just 2P.
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Originally Posted by Lara's home View Post
GoL is amazing. Too feels so soulless to me. It was okay, but I feel no need to ever touch it again.
ToO never really carried the mood of TR well.
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