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Originally Posted by sampiza View Post
Nice work! Your plugins are really good.
Thank you!

Originally Posted by Titak View Post
F597 implemented!
Such a nice little effect!!!
Thanks. And yes, it is...

Originally Posted by A_De View Post
Omg, some effects listed here are really cool! I implemented features with older TRNG, but the script became just enormously huge
I think I'll make a backup of my old trng program and files and then try the new version with these amazing plugins

Btw, what does the F597 do?
Thank you.
Yes, the base is As far as I know, you actually use, so a backup is highly recommended...

Originally Posted by Titak View Post
It makes Lara drip.
I already have a splash sound when Lara jumps through waterfalls, and I have them extinguish the torch if she happens to hold one. So the dripping is a very nice little addition.
A nice detail.
Anyway, it is also embedded in F596, even if you don't want raindrop sprites on the camera lens, so you don't need to trigger the drips from Lara manually with F597 in an area where many waterfalls are, the trigger effect will do it by itself. (You need at least one dummy waterfall object per waterfall, though, with F596, if it is for waterfalls.)

Originally Posted by Alisa97 View Post
Your plugin has been released at last!
In fact, because it is not readily released…I worried a little.
Thank you for Christmas present!
Yes, I wanted to release it many months ago, but the accurate test was more important, so I was patient.

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