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Originally Posted by DVDSpike View Post
Surely the president should be, you know, a politician?
To be president you don't need any experience in politics, it's how Trump got in.

Ridiculous I know, but it's their view of 'freedom'. Being a president doesn't exactly make you free though, you have a restrictive lifestyle compared to the average person
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I love Angelina and her humanitarian work, and tbh I'd seriously support her if maybe she'd gone through the ranks as a senator or vice president or something first. If she did that and I liked her vibe as a politician then cool. I feel the same about Oprah Winfrey.

However I do wish people would see the importance of electing politicans who have made it their career for years. "Better than what we have now" doesn't really say much, we need higher standards than that. I want to move past this bizarre social media popularity era of electing celebrities to run ****, when they are no more qualified than the average person.

Like most other jobs, there should be minimum relevant experience requirements before you get anywhere near the Oval Office.
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As someone living in a country on the other side of this "hey look a girl's running things, aren't we trendy!?" thing I can affirm that being female surprisingly is absolutely no guarantee of any kind of competence or reliability on it's own.

From what she says she simply sounds enough like a politician only with much less heart and motivation. Look at what the office did to Obama in only a few short years. No I think she would end up having a nervous breakdown and wind up resigning within a year.
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All I can say is that this clip comes to mind:

By these jaws I rule!
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