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Default New Men in Black film

...With no Will Smith it it seemingly

When I saw there was a trailer with no J or K in it I was really hoping for a prequel story about Agent D (K's old partner) when he was young. The story of how MiB was founded.

But this, yeah this looks pretty trash.
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I'm looking forward to this, my interest in it increased when I saw that Tessa Thompson is going to be in it, I first saw her in Cold Case she was in the 22nd episode of season 2 titled Best Friends, if you haven't already seen Cold Case I would highly recommend both it and the episode I mentioned above, of all the episodes of Cold Case Best Friends is the only one I think about regularly.

That episode also reminds me of the first Life is Strange game.
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Looks like a lot of actors I really like, including some I really liked together in other stuff before, now in a movie that just looks like crap. Like they decided "how do we make Men in Black fresh again? Oh, I know, make it a generic James Bond knock-off!"
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Hey, all of you saying this movie looks rubbish (I personally disagree), it could have been so, so much worse.
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