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I mean, that does fit with what was said in Episode III.

"General Grievous will run and hide like he always does. He's a coward."
Still, I'd much have preferred Grievous to be less of a coward.
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Obi-Wan insinuating that may as well be a complete retcon. Him running away (at least at the time) was painted not as a natural trait but a result of an injury he sustained at the hands of Windu just before the film began. Not because of cowardice but because he was unfit to defend himself.

Up until that point he was portrayed as the complete opposite, an unstoppable killing machine. Practically a part organic Terminator, not just ruthless but intelligent.
Which they only doubled down on in season 2 where they made him EVEN more badass

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Speaking of Obi Wan:

[SPOILERS] So I finally had a chance to catch up on Star Wars Rebels and finished with the conclusion of the Darth Maul Arc. The Final Duel between Obi Wan and Darth Maul is the stuff of Legends. Here are two characters who completely embody their respective beliefs.

Obi Wan had lost two of the most important people in his life to Darth Maul; First his Master Qui Gon and then the love of his life Satine. Yet he felt no anger towards Darth Maul. He had to let go of his rage and attachment given that he had a greater mission ahead of him; One that will shape the Universe to come. He is also the master of the Form 3 Lightsabre style of combat simply known as Soresu. Its a purely defensive style and IMO it embodies everything that the Jedi stand for. Its a style he took to learning after his fight with Darth Maul. Qui Gon was the Master of Form 4, Ataru which involved a lot of flips and acrobatics. Unfortunately, when Obi Wan and Qui Gon were fighting Darth Maul on Naboo, they were doing all of it in a closed environment which was a huge problem for Qui Gon and that is why he lost.

There is a youtube clip I will be posting from at the end of this post, shows the last meeting between Obi Wan and Darth Maul. During this meeting, Darth Maul is being driven by his pure hate and malice towards Obi Wan. Right in front is the man who chopped him in half during his first encounter, left him without a purpose in life, left him rejected by his master which then led to the death of his Brother. And he wanted to end all of it by confronting his rival one last time. Darth Maul is the Master of Form 7 Lightsabre Style simply known as Juyo. Its a purely aggressive style with relies a lot on the user losing themselves to the emotions of Combat. Its why its heavily favored by the Sith.

So, what happens when both of these individuals face off against each other for the final time?

Well (and a HUGE SPOILER ALERT,) this happens:

[SPOILER]Three moves. That is all it took. Darth Maul also tried to use the same move that he did on Qui Gon against Obi Wan in this duel. Didn't work out as he expected it to be.

Its interesting that Obi Wan showed compassion towards Darth Maul all the way till the end. Just goes to show how much of an Ideal Jedi Obi Wan is.

I SOOO want a movie on Obi Wan Kenobi!
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A fan film worth watching

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