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Originally Posted by Dennis's Mom View Post
This Sunday starts "Rick Grimes Last Season!!"

I have a feeling I'm going to dislike this season because Negan is still around, and I've had my full of him and other big baddies.

But I'll watch. I'm a completer. I know this trait led me to the horrors of Lumberjack Dexter, but it's what I am.

Το be fair Dexter didn't show that many signs that he would end up like this, so that wasn't on you. TWD on the other hand is totally on you. I am not going to watch it, once the season ends I will just see a recap to confirm I was right to stop.
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Originally Posted by Costel View Post
Is this the way he is going to die?
The way they got out of that pit was so stupid. Daryl should have killed the walkers one by one as they came and then make some stairs using the corpses not that unnecessary tension of him trying to hold on.
That hole was so dumb I almost can't even describe it, and then the ending, lmao. It's like the show just rolled over, it's not even trying to try now.
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The death of Rick Grimes was all just hype.

Totally mixed about this now, do I continue watching? perhaps will see after next 2 episodes.

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Honestly, I don't know why they threw so much money at Darrel to be the lead. Michonne can easily lead this show. She is my favorite character in the walking dead.

I don't know why, but she gives me Xena vibes sometimes. Especially when she was riding up on the horse with her sword or her back and how she called out that lady during the vote for not being honest. Everything she has done makes me believe that she is a strong contender to lead this show.

She is so badass, I hope they don't loose her.
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LOVE Michonne's new hairstyle! Girl really suits it. Carol just looks like a witch lol
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i like the zombie effects, but as some people were saying not alot happens and i fast forward alot on the dvds lol it would be better if they kept it similar to resident evil, where there's a change of scenery and every now and again a 'boss like' zombie like nemesis to spice it up a little. I got up to the part where the badass bloke with wired bat was in bed and neck wound and rick says we have to work together and there's a job for you. I thought something was going to happen to rick in season 8, many people were saying that, unless they mean season 9 which is not on dvd yet.
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