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Question TOMB4.EXE Graphics Green + Black + Glitchy

I recently installed a new version of Windows 7 to my computer, while re-installing the operating system I transported my TRLE folder (with all related TRLE content) onto a thumb drive. I have since returned the folder to the newly installed system and have a strange graphical problem when I try to run the tomb4.exe.

I have since installed a new OG Level Editor and have upgraded that, using the latest installation of TRNG, however the issue persists:

It seems that even the textures in the title are misplaced. I did try re-compiling the Title level, but no change has occurred. This issue is also present in the other levels.

I hope someone has insight.

edit: Turns out I had to run the game in Hardware Acceleration, in the settings. It's fixed. <3

I guess it was a special St.Patrick's Day bug. <3
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