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Originally Posted by matrix54 View Post
You can do (almost) anything thatís possible in the VCI levels.

What works best is having guards doing idle things instead of patrolling. I set up a VCI guard to actually do the stand at a wall pose (with an OCB code) and he would attack Lara when he notices her, as a normal baddy would. You can have guards operating machinery, sleeping, talking - whatever you can think of. Then, you design around these scenarios.

Things like that can help bring the level to life, especially when the AI isnít very good. Save a patrolling guard for something special and use well placed ambushes carefully for effect.
Thanks, I think that's a practical way forward. IIRC The TR3 Nevada guards were able to patrol and detect Lara depending on their position triggering gunfire or another action?

But yeah, having seemingly pushed every option, it might be time to reduce scope.
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